Crypto and Blockchain SEO Keywords

The industry of digital currency is growing on a fast scale. More and more companies and individual traders are embracing this platform every day and it continues to be congested to a great extent.

A large crowd means more competition, which is why businesses in this field have branched into ranking their services organically using the relevant keywords for better search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses have also turned to organic advertising to avoid the huge cost that comes with paid advertising. In the former type of advertising, the search results are ranked according to how relevant they are to the searched keyword.

For your business to reach more people, you must use crypto and blockchain SEO keywords. These keywords help your business to attract new customers and more traffic. They also help to attract direct referrals and investors to your business, as well as make more sales. This article seeks to guide you on what crypto and blockchain SEO is, why it is important, how you can find the right keywords to use, and more.

What is Crypto and Blockchain SEO?

You are probably hearing this term for the first time or you have come across it several times but you do not have an idea of what it is all about. Crypto and blockchain search engine optimization can be explained as improving your online presence for organic searches related to cryptocurrency to attract the target audience to your website. This type of SEO involves the use of the most relevant keywords that relate to the digital currency and blockchain society.

The crypto SEO focuses on locating and driving the right traffic, which in this case relates to the digital currency niche. Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more known around the globe and businesses in this space are taking advantage of search engine optimization to get more numbers and visibility to better their website rankings. Although it might seem like a lot of hard work, it is important and it does pay off. With proper use of SEO, your business can get a huge return on investments in the crypto industry.

Steps to Find the Right Keywords for Your Crypto Business

To use cryptocurrency SEO, you must first identify the right keywords for your brand. Below are steps that will guide you on how to come up with the cryptocurrency keywords to use for search engine optimization for your business.

i.                 Using a keyword search tool

One great idea is using an online keyword search tool to find the right keywords to use. There are several online tools that you can use and they will help you locate the most appropriate keywords for your crypto business. Moreover, the tools not only help you identify the right terms to use but also provide insight into major competitive keywords hence giving you a better understanding of the right choice.

ii.               Research your competitors

Due to its growth, the cryptocurrency industry has led to the emergency of many businesses in this field. This has additionally led to an increase in competition. The use of crypto and blockchain SEO is also a priority to your competitors as much as it is to you. You must take time to analyze their content, blog posts, and their websites, as well as the ways to promote them and how they classify their keywords.

iii.             Come up with some keywords yourself

Think of yourself as your target audience. Which terms would you search for if you are looking for a cryptocurrency project or website? You can put together a team and instruct them to perform this exercise. Once they are done, select the most repeated keywords and put them down as your organic terms.

iv.           Analyze the findings

The final step is to analyze the list of crypto keywords you have collected. The analysis is a major step and you will require SEO experts to help you identify any difficulties and help you make any editions that they may see fit. Some keywords may be rated as difficult due to a higher number of searches. It is not advisable to use these types of keywords, especially for beginners as a result of extreme competition.

3 Tricks When Ranking Cryptocurrency Keywords

Getting noticed in a field where everyone is trying to get noticed can be difficult. There is very little room for mistakes and it is easy to give up. Here are five tricks that will help your cryptocurrency brand become noticed by the use of crypto and blockchain keyword SEO!

     I.          Select a great number of keywords for your cryptocurrency project

One thing that has contributed to the failure of most beginners in this field, is their need to do what everyone is doing. Using the most searched keywords is a bad idea due to massive competition. The best thing to do is collect multiple crypto keywords and use them logically in your project for SEO. Use a variety of keywords making sure that they are a combination of long and short-tail crypto keywords to get the highest traffic.

  II.          Produce top-notch cryptocurrency content

Another thing that makes a big difference and brings you closer to your goal is creating quality content for your audience. Once people click on your website, they need to find good content that will compel them to keep coming back. Moreover, once Google notices that your content is good, they will generate a high CTR for your page, which will also contribute to your page being ranked as one of the best search pages.

III.          Keep tabs on how your cryptocurrency keywords are performing

Now that you have come up with relevant crypto and blockchain keywords for your website or project and have strategized on how to use them, it is important to keep track of the keyword performance. Keeping tabs on your crypto keywords will assist you to identify and prevent long-term mistakes for your brand. You can track your performance by checking your ranking on Google search, the user CTR, and the website traffic generated.


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