CBD For Pets: 6 Questions To Ask Your Vet

Without a doubt, there’s so much buzz surrounding the use of cannabidiol (CBD) nowadays. Because of its widespread popularity, its use has even made its way beyond use in human beings. Even pet owners are keen on using CBD for their pets.

So, perhaps that’s why you’re here today. You’ve heard about the many potential benefits CBD oil can bring that you’ve also wondered about using it for your pet. Rather than keep your dear pet dependent on synthetic medication for whatever discomfort they’re feeling, maybe you’d like to take the natural route. But before jumping right into the bandwagon, you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian first.

While promising, this isn’t to say CBD is a miracle cure for every single health concern. When your purpose for using CBD is to keep your pet in top condition, it also follows you want to rest assured that your pet stays safe.

Here are some questions you need to ask your vet before buying CBD from reliable sources, like SUPA Naturals Website:

  1. What Are The Potential Benefit of CBD For Pets?

If your veterinarian is a CBD advocate, they’ll be able to have a healthy and sound discussion with you as to the benefits and merits of CBD use. So, inquire about the potential benefits of CBD for your pet. This is very important so you can better understand what CBD can do for your pet.

You see, not every potential benefit of CBD applies to every single pet. This depends on your pet’s condition, overall health, age, and other biological factors. It’s only through your vet’s assessment that a proper determination can be made and a precise answer given as to how your pet can benefit from using CBD.

  1. How Does My Pet’s History Affect The Usage of CBD?

In relation to the first question above, you also have to ask your vet about whether or not your pet is a good candidate for CBD use. You want to have that definite answer coming from your veterinarian whether or not CBD will be good for your pet.

Generally, CBD use for pets comes with little to no side effects at all. But this general rule can change if your pet is too sick, for instance, such that they’re already taking other medications. Certain compounds of CBD might interact adversely with medications your pet is currently taking, which can negatively impact the effects. Or, perhaps your pet doesn’t have a healthy medical history.

If your veterinarian seems to have any reservations about using CBD oil for your pets, then it’s best to listen to their call. If they’re in the affirmative, then follow their strict orders as to dosage and use.

  1. What Conditions Can CBD Manage?

When used on humans, the most common conditions CBD shows promising effects are epilepsy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and pain, among others. The same may hold true for pets, but there’s little research to support it yet. It’s only through your vet’s experience of using CBD that they can give you resounding information on other pet patients who may have been successful in managing their pet’s conditions with the help of CBD.

If your veterinarian doesn’t have experience with using CBD for their patients, it’s a good idea to ask them for a referral of a vet in your area who has anecdotes on CBD use. That way, you can interview that veterinarian as well.

  1. What Is The Ideal Dosage For My Pet?

If you want your pet to experience the optimum results of CBD, it’s important to get the dosage and potency right. This is the reason why you should never self-medicate. Using CBD for your pet isn’t as simple as following what your other pet mom friend is giving to their pet. Instead, you have to strictly follow your veterinarian’s instructions.

Generally, your vet will base the dosage on your pet’s condition and weight. If you have certain CBD products that you intend to use on your pet, talk to your vet about those products as well. With topical products and those that aren’t ingested, you don’t have to be so concerned about getting the dosage right. But if you prefer to give edibles, like CBD oil and treats, you have to be very precise about the dosage.

  1. Do You Take CBD Yourself?

It’s an added advantage on your part if your vet also takes CBD themselves. This means that they have personal experience of its effects, too. A vet that uses CBD can also vouch for certain brands and dispensaries they can trust. This fact doesn’t just demonstrate the fact that they support CBD, but they know more about it than non-users do.

  1. What Are The Common Side Effects?

Since no two pets are exactly alike, it follows that no two pets will also feel the exact same effects as regards CBD use. But setting aside those differences, there are possible side effects that are identified as possible for all pets.

This discussion with your veterinarian is important for your awareness. That way, it’s easier for you to determine whether or not your pet is experiencing any side effect that necessarily calls for the attention of a visit to the vet.


With more nations and states opening up to using CBD, more research is being done on its medical and wellness benefits. With that came the phenomenon of CBD use extending beyond human beings. Even pet owners have started using CBD for their pets.

However, like any other medication, CBD isn’t one without risks and side effects, albeit mild to none at all. You can never be too certain about how your pet may react to some of the compounds present in a CBD product. To stay on the safe side, make it a point to discuss the nature of CBD first with your trusted veterinarian. The first phase of that discussion is always to ask the right questions. With the questions mentioned in this article, then you’ll be on the right track.


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