Careprost : Use Best Lash Boost Serum

Well, not every woman can boast of such, but indeed everyone dreams of such! It’s for this reason that the market of strengthening, beautifying, and accelerating eyelash growth conditioners is growing at an implausible pace. Among the foremost popular preparations containing careprost are within the lead. Why exactly them? Because they’re efficient, however – because it seems – eyelash growth stimulants also can be very harmful!

How do eyelashes grow?

Let’s start by briefly discussing the method of eyelash growth. The eyelash life cycle is approximately 2-4 months. This cycle may be divided into three primary phases – anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen is the phase of active hair growth that takes place under the skin until it grows above the skin. It takes approximately 30 days. Catagen is that the so-called stationary phase, then the hair begins to die. We are dealing here with a transition period between the inhibition of its growth and the beginning of the hair loss process. The last phase is telogen, i.e. when the new one pushes the dead lash out. Therefore, lash loss could be a complete state of affairs!

Careprost – what’s it?

It is a synthetically obtained analog of prostaglandins, in other words, hormones. It works by mimicking the activity of present substances within the body that acts as a pressure level regulator within the eye. These properties are helpful within the treatment of glaucoma, one of all the symptoms of which is increased eye pressure. How have cosmetic companies targeted the drug substance? All due to its surprising side effect, i.e., stimulating excessive eyelash growth. Considering what proportion women crave beautiful, long, and thick eyelashes, success was almost certain! So confident that the manufacturers chose to ignore other side effects that will be experienced with the utilization of prostaglandin analogs.

How does careprost work?

It influences the extension of the active phase of hair growth (anagen). Thus the eyelash grows longer. Additionally, it contributes to increasing their number, thickening and strengthening them, and deepening their natural color. You’ll be able to get delighted when observing the results of its operation, of course, they are doing not appear after one use, you’ve got to attend about eight weeks for them. This cannot be argued within the case of Italian growth-stimulating nutrients, the manufacturer’s promises cover. However, the results mustn’t persist, only while using the preparation, until the eyelashes fall out! After discontinuation of careprost, the expansion cycle returns to its previous state. In many cases, weakening of the eyelashes is also observed because the stimulant substance supplied to this point was to blame for their growth, so their aptitude was severely impaired. However, that’s not the only problem, and it might be much worse!

Careprost – side effects

You already know what this substance is. Furthermore, you might understand how it works, recognize what names to appear for in its composition, and now discover what side effects it causes. When applying the conditioner on the lash line, one can’t be under the illusion that the active substance doesn’t get into the attention; despite the microscopic amount and lower concentration, it’s still glaucoma medicine! On online pharmacies or other websites dedicated to professional descriptions of drugs, detailed information on the side effects of careprost is found. They concern medicinal products, but as numerous examples show, they’ll even be applied to cosmetics containing careprost and Lumigan Eye Drops.

Quite common symptoms are conjunctival hyperemia and itching, and also the common symptoms are headache, irritation, allergic conjunctivitis, decreased vision, visual disturbance, eye pain, superficial keratitis, blepharitis, asthenopia, conjunctival edema, photophobia, lacrimation, dry eye, eyelid redness, hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eye, yet as iris hyperpigmentation. It’s hard to believe, but there are reports that long-term use of careprost has led to a change in eye color!

Uncommon symptoms are retinal hemorrhage, uveitis, iritis, cystic macular edema, blepharospasm, periorbital erythema, eyelid edema, and hirsutism. Additionally, an undesirable symptom with an unknown frequency is that the collapse of the eyeballs! It’s also worth mentioning that a number of the side effects disappear after a particular period of discontinuation of the preparation, but some (e.g. change in color of the iris) is also a permanent change. Those that use eyelash serums and don’t experience any side effects shouldn’t feel 100% safe and secure. Careprost eyelash serum has been employed in cosmetics for a brief time, and a few side effects may only appear after a long time. In many western countries, the growing number of significant complications in people using careprost supplements has led to their withdrawal from the market.


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