Buying a Monitor: Which Screen Resolution Should You Pick?

A monitor is an essential part of a computer. It is a tool where we see all the executions we apply to do certain tasks that could be for personal purposes, for gaming, for a job, business, project, and many more. Thus, it is an important consideration as well to choose and use a high-quality monitor. One key feature is the screen resolution of a monitor; the higher the resolution of a monitor, the more pixel it has. This will enable you to view what you are working on more clearly.

If you are currently planning to get a monitor for whatever purpose you have in mind, ensure to get a monitor that fits your standards and needs. To further guide you with that matter, here’s a thorough comparison between the most ideal screen resolutions for a monitor.

  1. 1080p screen resolution

Let’s start with 1080p- resolution. This is also known as FHD or Full HD. Before the advancements took place and made another level of screen resolutions, this has been what we are using. Thus, although this hasn’t been very popular in the present time, it has helped many people conduct their computer-related tasks. This screen resolution works best for 24-inch to 32-inch monitors. So, if you haven’t joined the trend of getting much larger screens, this resolution would still work.

  1. 1440p screen resolution

This second option of a screen resolution we have here is 1440p, also known as QHD or Quad HD resolution. This screen resolution is often used for gaming monitors and even on high-end phones. Aside from that, it is commonly chosen by users as it has powerful hardware but at an affordable price. So, if you are looking for an affordable yet can sustain basic purposes, this would be a good choice.

  1. 4K screen resolution

Let’s move forward on the newer and advanced options. The 4K screen resolution is considered as the real successor of the 1080p. It is four times the resolution of a Full HD which will allow you to enjoy 3840×2160 images. Images will definitely look realistic and not pixelated, even on massive monitor screens. If you’re a graphic artist or currently in a job connected to photography or designing, you might consider getting this one.

  1. 8K screen resolution

Last but definitely not least, the most advanced option among them all. The 8K screen resolution obtains four times more pixels compared to a 4K TV. Can you imagine how crisp that is? When you opt for this option, you can totally expect a sharper and more detailed quality of an image, video, or anything that can be seen on the monitor.

Final Words 

All of the options we’ve discussed above are ideal and can enable you to perform intended tasks. It all just depends on the quality you are expecting. For a more in-depth understanding, though, you should check out more differences between 1080p, 1440p, 4K, and 8K.

The decision-making all comes down to your standards, purpose, needs, and of course, budget. The higher screen resolution you opt for, the more pricey it is. So, select what you think is practical based on what you really need.


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