Buy YK11 Sarms: YK11 Sarm Dosage, Side Effects, Before and After Results

YK11 is possibly one of the most popular and powerful SARMS in the market today, and that’s why the gym lovers totally rave about it. YK11 is popular because of its unique nature of acting both as a SARM and a myostatin inhibitor. YK11 is a SARM that not only promotes the lean muscle growth, but also inhibits myostatin, which actually unravels the natural bodybuilding potential of an individual. In spite of knowing that YK11 SARM results have turned out to be an incredible ones, what is more important to know is YK 11 safe? What actually is YK 11 and how does it works? Click Here to Buy YK11 Sarms from the official website

In order to solve all the queries about YK 11, we are giving a complete review about it that helps you in making an educated decision about using it. We will not only discuss YK 11 before and after results in this review, but will also shed light on the possible side effects it can cause. Check out the complete review to know the detailed overview about YK 11 SARM.

What is YK 11 SARM?

One of the biggest question related to YK 11 is what actually is it? It is important to know that YK 11 is categorized as SARM, especially when you go to buy it you will notice that it is listed amongst the SARMs. However, the reality is YK 11 is not a true SARM. Instead, it is actually closed in structure and mechanism to an anabolic steroid. SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) means that it targets androgen receptors by mimicking testosterone hormones. The SARMs are meant to target the receptors that are specifically in muscle and bone tissue, while avoiding other areas that can come under the impact of side effects that can occur along with elevated testosterone. However, the mechanism of YK 11 is not the same. YK 11 is not in the same way as a full androgenic SARM; instead, it is a partial agonist of the androgen receptor. There are not much clinical evidences regarding YK 11 for having androgenic effects, but it does mimic DHT and therefore can suppress natural testosterone production. It has been suspected that YK-11 is an anabolic steroid, as it is structurally closer to steroid than a SARM. However, it has been labeled as a SARM, because unlike steroids SARMs are considered legal to use.

How YK-11 SARM Works?

YK-11 is relatively a new compound in the market that was first synthesized in 2011 in Japan. It was initially classed as a SARM, but further researches and clinical studies showed that it was not accurate. This is because of the chemical structure of YK-11 is much closer to an anabolic steroid than a SARM. As a matter of fact, YK 11 works in two ways. It acts as partial agonist of the androgen receptor, means, it does mimic testosterone (DHT). At the same time, it inhibits the production of myostatin, which is naturally produced by the body to limit how much muscle you can grow naturally. This whole process of inhibiting myostatin and unlocking your genetic potential gives YK 11 an added anabolic effect. We can explain the working mechanism of YK 11 with the following steps:

YK 11 does the whole procedure by binding to androgen receptors and triggering the muscle cells to produce more follistatin, which inhibits the myogenesis. Myostatin is a protein in the body that is closely linked with regulating the muscle growth. With less myostatin there wouldn’t be a controlled muscle development and growth. If you have HGH, high T-levels, fuelled up proteins and IGF-1, your muscle growth will get beyond control, as there will be nothing to hold it back. Due to this reason that people experience aggressive muscle growth with YK 11.

Though, YK 11 is androgenic and will mimic testosterone, but it is more like a steroid in that its structure is closely based on DHT, a stronger form of testosterone. Being an agonist that mimics DHT, YK 11 also affects liver, prostate, and hair growth to a minor degree. It may cause additional hair growth on the body.

In easy words, the working mechanism of YK 11 can be summarized as it removes the muscle growth limit that your body places on itself. As a result, it aggressively target muscle tissue and the users may be able to experience rapid muscle gains.

YK11 Before and After Results

YK 11 has shown tremendous results for many individuals and is classed as one of the potent steroidal SARM. However, before using YK 11 you must know the realistic results that you can expect from it. As per the customer reviews, YK 11 can help in significantly increasing your strength and endurance while triggering the enhanced fat burning process in the body. In addition, it also helps to strongly develop the muscles after a workout, and give you a boost in confidence and determination. Generally speaking, YK 11 is not as strong as an anabolic steroid, but is far more potent than a typical SARM at around the similar dosage. If you have decided to use YK 11 for an eight-week cycle at the dosage of 10 mg, following are some of the after results that you can expect from it:

Within the initial two weeks of using YK-11 SARM, you will start feeling stronger. You will experience that you can lift more weights during workouts and push yourself through intense sessions with better endurance. Overall, you will be able to notice positive changes in your fitness and muscle strength.

With the increased workout capacity, you will be increasing your energy output, which will help you in burning extra fat. This will help you in cutting out extra fat from your body and give you a ripped and leaner look.

Another important thing to notice is an incredible muscle growth after the YK-11 SARM cycle. As, it is working on muscle development in two ways, you can have a dramatic muscle growth if you work out really hard. With YK-11 you will getting a mildly androgenic steroid supplement that can have noticeable impacts on your muscle and strength gains.

Though there are no supportive clinical studies and human trials with YK 11 has been noted, but as per the general consensus among the bodybuilders, the 10 mg dosage is considered as a good amount for muscle growth and strength building. To achieve the noticeable results, 10 mg per day is a beginner dose, while in the intermediate weeks user can increase it to 15 mg per day to as much as 20 mg per day as an advanced dose. However, 10 to 15 mg is a good dosage to start with YK 11.

Is YK-11 SARM Legal?

In addition to many other SARMs, YK 11 has also been classified as an anabolic substance by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). This means it has been considered illegal and outlawed to use YK11 in athletic competitions, like Olympics.

Also, the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) has also put YK11 in the banned SARMs list and has been strictly made it illegal to use in any sports competitions. All the athletes are tested for these drugs.

On the other hand, YK11 is completely legal to buy and sell online, however, it is better to choose a reputable vendor and discuss your health conditions with your doctor before using it.

YK11 Side Effects

As we have discussed earlier that the results of YK11 SARM are dramatic and you will be able to pack up significant bulk in a very short span of time with this compound. However, there are some side effects and problems associated with YK11 that are important to mention. YK11 only targets with the muscle growth and it doesn’t focuses the underlying bone and ligament development. This scenario could usually occur with the people who hit hard with YK11 high doses and their muscles grow bigger without the underlying support structure growth, thus results in significant injuries.

Some other noticeable drawbacks of YK11 are:

Legal YK11  SARM Alternative – Brutal Force SARMS

After getting through all the details and working mechanism of YK11 in this review, I would like to mention that YK11 is not a compound that can be dealt with any beginner in bodybuilding. Also, the side effects that come along with the aggressive muscle development are quite serious and can’t be ignored. Keeping in view all the details, I would definitely recommend our readers to use safe and legal SARMs alternatives instead of using YK11. Brutal Force has launched a wonderful range of legal SARMs alternatives that have been especially formulated to give all the benefits of anabolic SARMs in the most natural way without the worries of accompanied side effects. Brutal Force Legal SARMs alternatives are formulated to enhance muscle growth with boosted endurance and strength, that too without any risks of serious effects. Brutal Force SARMs alternatives stack is consisted of three effective and legal SARMs alternatives that can help you achieve your desired body without any potential risks. Most bodybuilders have compared YK11 with RAD 140 due to its testosterone suppression and muscle growth development. If you are a RAD 140 fan, you can use its legal SARMs alternative in the form of RADBULK by Brutal Force.

 Where to Buy YK11 SARMs?

To achieve the better and desirable results from your YK11 cycle, it is important to buy 100% pure and safe YK11 compound. You can easily get it from many webstores, but they should be reliable with the genuine formula of the products. Some of these reliable stores are and Swiss Chems. They offer quality products with faster delivery and also provide the purity certificates of the compound they sell.

In addition, I would definitely like to recommend to try Brutal Force Legal SARMs alternatives, as they are absolutely safe and legal to use with the fast acting SARMs formula. You can easily order the essential SARMs alternatives stack at the price of $ 119.99 with free worldwide shipping. Also, considering the similarity between RAD 140 and YK 11, you can try Brutal Force RADBULK at the price of $ 59.99 to get the powerful muscle growth with boosted strength.


Despite of all its bodybuilding benefits, we cannot deny the fact that YK11 doesn’t have much clinical evidences to back its safety. It is yet not approved by FDA and more research is needed to be done on its long term potential side effects. Also, YK 11 needs a good SARMs PCT after the cycle to keep up the gains and sustain the high testosterone levels. The myostatin inhibiting property of YK11 that leads to rapid muscle gain can cause serious problems in the long term for the users. At the end, I would like to recommend my readers to use legal SARMs alternatives for performance enhancing effects and muscle gains that can protect them from long term issues.


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