Birth Chart 101: How To Read a Birth Chart for Beginners

ver feel like you don’t fit your astrological sign? Maybe you’re a Leo and you don’t feel as bold as the sign typically portrays. Or perhaps you’re a Virgo and you’re a little less practical than the common Virgo image. Well, there’s more to your astrology than just your sun sign. And to find out what’s going on, your birth chart can be a helpful tool. This short guide explains how birth charts work and how to read them. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the best psychic readings online.

What Is a Birth Chart?

Birth charts look complicated because they pack in a lot of information. Yet they’re just visual representations of what the sky looked like when a person was born. What each chart does is plot the positions of planets and points at a precise date and time.

The typical natal chart has two concentric circular bands. The outer band contains the 12 horoscope houses and the inner band holds the 12 zodiac signs. You may see a horizontal line splitting the chart down the middle – that represents the horizon. There’s also the median, a vertical line that divides the chart from top to bottom.

What Info Does a Natal Chart Contain?

Modern Western astrology includes houses and zodiac signs. But it also involves 10 primary celestial bodies: the Sun and the Moon, plus all the planets in our solar system including Pluto but minus Earth. Astrologers don’t chart Earth. Why? Because we’re born on Earth. Birth charts are drawn from an Earthly perspective.

Charts can be simple or extensive. Nearly all include the ascendant: the zodiac sign that was just above the eastern horizon at the time, date and place of birth. A few include lunar nodes and asteroids, which fill in other useful details about someone’s personality and life path.  

If you decide to get online medium readings, the person you consult may have a working knowledge of astrology. When you get a birth chart online, you’ll see the positions of each celestial body and point. These items, plus the zodiac signs, are marked with symbols. Most will also label these symbols for easy reference – so if you don’t know the symbol for Jupiter, for example, you can just look at the chart’s legend.

Why Are Birth Date and Place Important?

Natal charts are essentially snapshots of the sky at a precise time and date. Since Earth is spherical, our location dictates what we may see when we look up. Also, some celestial bodies and points like the moon and the ascendant move very quickly through the sky. The ascendant changes roughly every two hours, while the moon travels through each sign in about 2.5 days. So along with the birth date, you’ll need an exact time and location to get the most accurate chart possible.

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