Best Water Parks around the World to add in your Bucket List

Nothing beats the joy of washing your troubles away than jumping in cool water, surrounding yourself in some high-adrenaline splashes and of course, running rounds with the young and old of the family. The only place to get all of these thrills and amazing spills is an amusement park—a water-filled destination for everyone who wants to unwind themselves and ensure complete entertainment of their family. These picturesque locations are often supplemented with loads of aquatic games and structures that make it an awesome experience.

While everyone wishes to visit the closest water amusement park from their home, boredom might strike and you’d probably need an added push to take a long trip and visit a new amusement park. With that in mind, here are we to give you the push that’s much needed and showcase to you the best water parks around the world with abysmal thrills and fun-filled vibes for young and old alike. These water parks are situated all across the world—from Europe to America and beyond—where they have amazing attractions like no other parks. Let’s explore the best water parks and you can add the ones you like in your bucket list.

Speaking of amazing water parks that go beyond borders, we have the following ones to look into:

Let’s begin with the listing for you to decide your next destination.

Siam Park, Spain

Down in the salty air of Canary Islands, the tropical vibe comprehends just right with the freshwater aura of the Siam Park in Spain. Starting from the melodiously relaxing vibe of slowly gushing water for everyone’s fancies, to family fun in aquatic structures and children’s play area and of course, ending with the high-adrenaline filled section with slides and splashpads. The best part about Canary Islands is that it in itself is a family-filled retreat and if you’re on a five-day vacation, keep a day aside for the Siam park.

Universal’s Volcano Bay, United States

Florida isn’t called the Sunny State for nothing—the jostling heat and yellow filter in the air mixes just right with cool air and swimsuits of an amusement park. The Universal Studio’s Volcano Bay is quite a household name and as the name itself suggests, the volcanic backdrop makes it a must-visit place. With the Tapu-Tapu wristband technology, you don’t have to wait in the queue! Less waiting comes with more time to enjoy and the food is a major plus point at this water park as it is totally tropical inspired.

Water Cube Water Park, China

Remember the Beijing Olympics of 2008? Well this site is the former playground of hundreds of aquatic athletes that stole the show in the Olympics. The Beijing Aquatics center was converted into an indoor water park and now has a lazy river (yes, you read that right!) along with slides and splashpads, making it the largest water park in Asia.

Do you know what the best water parks have in common?

They have an amazing infrastructure.

What makes for an awesome aquatic amusement park experience is the equipment. Ranging from slides to splashpads, slides, and high-raise structures and everything beyond, Vortex international is proud to empower some of the best water parks throughout the globe. Want to learn more about how Vortex International can empower your water amusement park to its full potential? Give us a call and we will fix you up with the best.


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