Bespoke Gold Necklace Chain for Men

A gold chain is an essential accent to your look. Having one around your neck improves the overall appearance of your outfit. You have to be precise and understand what it is you want. Imagine the scene. The glittering lights of the casino. A little luck, a bit of skill. You sit down at one of the gaming tables. And start playing for high stakes. Your winnings are mounting up.

There are many types of chains of different shapes, sizes, and patterns. Men are exclusively picky when it comes to making decisions.

The following are examples of gold necklace chains that a man can wear to elevate his look.

Herringbone Chains

This chain is short, flat, with a parallel connecting counteract outline to make up this chain’s fashion and essence. On its own, the chain is adequate to present a discussion bit but distinct enough to set presently a rush of fashion hooked on your outfit.


One can wear this chain with casual wear or official wear. It mostly looks very stylish when worn without a pendant. Its design is to lie flat on the skin. It looks very stunning when it is put on its own.

Box Chains

The box chain is a chain that has blocks that almost look circular. They are very flat to lie on the skin. However, their appearances are very different compared to flat herringbone chains, and so is their feel.

The box chain brings a sense of sophistication regardless of the way you wear it. They can be in small sizes with small boxes or opt for the big-sized box chain. Men tend to choose thicker designed chains, which couldn’t be anything less than the right one.

Anchor Chains

It is the most standard and dazzling selection of all necklace chain designs; anchor chains can take your look a notch higher, regardless of the outfit’s precise details, to an elevated point of style and sophistication.

The necklace connects with an oval shape with an additional vertical block in the middle of every connection. The anchor chains are also referred to as Mariner necklaces. These chains are a reflection of all other chains that are always in us when anchoring the boat. One can pick whatever size they feel best.

Bead Chains

It is the type of chain that men are immensely attracted to its nature. It is worn in its small size with a pendant. The smallest size is a dog tag. Conversely, the large size can also be more stylish with a pendant on it. The beads are of various types. Some are small; others are big; some are far apart, while others seem close and different.

The bead chains have extension alternatives depending on the buyers’ preferences. There are also beaded chains that are mixed with some precious stones to add to the style.

Byzantine Chains

Byzantine chains are of the most unique and most potent amongst all chains variety. Every connection in the chain goes by four others, giving off a cord’s appearance and even replicating its feel. This necklace is luxurious, agile, and supple all on one occasion.

Such a daring part of a set is the just-right choice for men. Its commanding device offers off buoyancy from whoever puts it on; therefore, you put it on just as it is.

.Cuban Chain

It is referred to as Miami Cuban. It is the type of chain you see most rappers having around their necks. It comes in the 14k gold chains filled category. Despite the size of the chain, it is very illustrative, thick, and impressive in manifestation.

It is a bit flattened and is closely connected to each of the links. It can be either small in size or large, depending on your preference. A chunky Cuban chain combination outfit would certainly look good in your wardrobe.

Snake Chain

The name of this chain is a complete replica of its appearance. The snake chain is a very supple, silky chain with a soft and glossy touch. It is exquisite and has a cultured selection. Moreover, it is durable and highly recommended.

It goes with any style you choose. The chain brings forth a straightforward and cute statement from anyone who wears it. It will serve you for an extended period. The snake chain is very stylish.

Figaro Chain

It is an outstanding piece of jewelry. It is a chain with a continuous pattern and similar links in shapes and sizes, unlike the others. It can be rectangular or even small oval shapes or round, depending on each piece. Its unending repeat of trends is what makes brings about an obscure outcome.

Figaro type of chain is a perfect 10k gold rope chains choice for men. It is because of its fascinating nature. If you find something more than a byzantine chain, which is very simple, Figaro is the choice. It brings out a bold and elegant look.

Wheat Chains

Just as the name dictates, the chain so appears. The chain is twisted, flat and the links are oval. These links get braided jointly to create a delectably exceptional wheat chain. The results of it look like a fully-grown wheat plant.

The chain is frequently referred to as Spiga because it is durable, distinctive, and shines so bright. Men opt for larger wheat chains, which give them a timeless and classic look with attention drawn from its elegance.

Rope Chains

It is considered one of the sturdiest chains you can have. The rope chain is designed to be gold-plated and can reflect light from different angles, which makes the chain very remarkable. It identically looks like a rope because a twisting pattern connects the links. The chain is of numerous sizes; the small one looks good with a pendant, and the large one is preferably better on its own.

The iced 18k white gold rope chain fills the room and does not go unnoticed. The chain draws a statement of superiority and shines so bright in the different angles, mostly when it reflects. It is a type of chain you wouldn’t want to lack in your accessories.

The stereotype of only women dressing to impress is a thing of the past as just like women, men need to look smart too. Investing in a high-end chain defines class and also brings out the best in men.


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