Baumholtz Plastic Surgery for Redesigning Body Shape and Contour

Cosmetic plastic surgery means redesigning body shape and contour. It is chosen to change appearance. Dr. Michael Baumholtz is a board-certified reconstructive and plastic surgeon. His clinic Baumholtz Plastic Surgery is located in Shavano Park, Texas. He and his expert team have helped many patients build a healthy, successful and happy life. The cosmetic needs differ from one person to another.

Body contouring is an umbrella for procedures that enhances or slims and tones the mid-section appearance. The process can include a tummy tuck, mommy makeover, liposuction, and other techniques based on the patient’s body needs for rejuvenation and revitalization. Dr. Baumholtz is a compassionate plastic surgeon in San Antonio. He never considers body contouring as an aid for resolving overweight patients’ problems.

On the other hand, he complements the overweight patient’s hard work already put in from intense workouts and/or strict diet plans. Weight loss is a huge achievement for everyone. The body contouring process helps to refine the results of patients’ success in their weight loss goals. They can feel more confident in their looks.

Many people run on treadmills persistently to achieve their ideal body goals. When strict dietary routines and workout regimes begin to plateau, they look for other ways to achieve their goals such as liposuction or other body contouring procedures. Dr. Baumholtz is a surgical as well as a non-surgical cosmetic specialist that can help shape your body after weight loss.

Dr. Baumholtz, a plastic surgeon in San Antonio, has a unique cosmetic surgery philosophy. Instead of accepting body contouring procedures based on the patient’s wallet, he decides what genuinely the best action plan is. The patients undergo a physical exam and even a medical history assessment.

After the rigorous consultation process, he tailors a treatment plan in coordination with the goal of every patient. He even considers his personal confidence in achieving the goals before accepting a patient’s need for body sculpting. He has vast experience that encourages his capabilities to attain the desired results.

Besides his private practice, Dr. Michael is involved in professional societies TSPS, ASAPS, and ASPS as well as works at Audie Murphy Veteran Hospital as Chief Plastic Surgeon. He is also on staff at several San Antonio hospitals. Dr. Baumholtz  is a great lecturer, teacher, and writer.

Patients interested in rhinoplasty, post-bariatric body contouring, mommy makeover, breast augmentation,  tummy tuck, face lift or  any other cosmetic or reconstructive procedure should contact Dr. Baumholtz.

During the consultation, patients will gain more information about both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The experience becomes personalized with Dr. Baumholtz’s  consultation. He has an exclusive aesthetic sense and is popular for his adamant assessment of treatment plans. He takes the entire body and tailors a plan that can offer proportionate, perfect, and flattering results.


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