An Ultimate Guide for Moving Interstate with Pets!

Moving isn’t an easy task to perform with ease. Instead, moving is one of the most hectic jobs that impact physical and mental state a lot worse. However, adding your pets into it can make the job more critical for sure. This isn’t only for you and your family members, even moving can be stressful enough for your pets too.

So, while moving interstate with your pets, it is necessary to have proper planning. Failing to make a proper plan can make you a real worried during your move. However, being a caring person, it is solely your responsibility to take care of your pets during the move.

However, if you’re a bit worried about your upcoming move with your pets, we are here to guide you. This article genuinely describes the ways so that you can have a stress-free relocation with your pets. Let’s dig in!

Consulting with Your Vet is Essential

Once you have tried letting your pets know about the recent relocation, it is essential to consult with your vet. Your vet can help a lot in the moving process if you’re moving with your pets. As already stated that your pets can be emotionally down during the moving process. So, you must perform a thorough health check-up before commencing the move. If there are any health hazards arise in any circumstances, your vet can eliminate the risks associated with this before you commence the move. Your pets are just like your kids. So, taking risks won’t be a wise decision for sure.

Do You Have Vaccination Certificates of Your Pets?

The best out of state movers in the network of Moving Feedback explain that it is crucial to have the vaccination certificate for your pets. Checking all the vaccination details of your pets is essential in any situation while you’re moving with your pets. It won’t be a wise decision to travel with your pets without vaccinating them properly. Getting an authentic health certificate of your pets will eliminate several difficulties during the move for sure.

However, ignoring these things will not only be a threat to your pets, but you can also face several legal complications during the move as well. Especially if you’re moving with dogs or cats, having authentic rabies vaccinated tag is essential for getting an entry to the new state.

Break the News to Your Pets

Well, you may be wondering that how you can let your pets know about the upcoming relocation! How they will understand about the recent relocation that is going to take place!

However, you might be surprised to know that several studies showed that pets could feel and read the minds of humans. So, while you’re planning for a move, try to let them know about the fact beforehand. If they can even feel a bit of the upcoming activities, it would help them to cooperate with the moving process.

Do You Have Travel Identification Tags of Your Pets?

Only having vaccination certificates for your pets isn’t enough if you’re moving interstate. In addition to the vaccination certificates, you need to have authentic identification tags of your pets as well. The identification tags must have the name of the pets, the name and address of their parents, and an alternate person’s details.

The details of an alternate person are mostly mandatory for travelling with pets in the USA. In any circumstance, if the pet owner can’t be located, the authority will contact the alternate person to hand over the pets.

Transporting Pets Have Restrictions 

Well, you might not know that transporting your pets to another state has some restrictions. You can’t relocate your pets in a moving truck. The pets aren’t the household items that you can move through a moving truck. However, there are a couple of ways with which you can relocate your pets securely.

By Air

One of the best ways to relocate your pets is by air. Of course, you can’t relocate them in trains, buses, or even in a hired moving truck. However, you can relocate them by air for sure. In such scenarios, you can either move with them or consider an appropriate container for moving them to the new destination.

In the Personal Motor Vehicle

However, if you don’t wish to relocate them by air, you can consider moving them in your vehicle. Moving them in a personal motor vehicle is always best for your pets. They are already habituated to travel in your vehicle. So, if you choose to relocate them in your vehicle, it will eventually help your pets get emotionally strong during the move.


So, we hope that you’re now better ready to move your pets to the new destination. However, if you still have any doubts to clear, you can ask in the comment section. We will try answering them for sure.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions regarding moving with the pets, let us know in the comment section. Finally, wish you all the best for your upcoming move with your loving pets!


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