Advantages of Using a Reliable Shopware Agency

Since COVID-19, the eCommerce sector has increased because of changes in consumer shopping. Businesses that identified the switch moved their sales online, and the ones that responded too late to the digitalization process suffered financial losses.

Shopware is a program designed to create innovative and modern eCommerce stores. It is gaining a lot of popularity for creating successful online stores, including in Germany. However, you need the right Shopware agency for your project. OMH is a certified and innovative Shopware agency from Berlin, Germany, that is offering digital success to many businesses. The experts develop customized B2C or B2B digital shops using Shopware 6, an advanced program based on APIs.

The Shopware solution is suitable for many project creations.

These are a few uses of Shopware, but you will find it is shaping the eCommerce sector’s future.

Advantages of Using Shopware


eCommerce websites of any sector and size can be developed with the tool. It covers every sector, ranging from high-tech digital platforms to selling electronic products to small virtual businesses to accessories and boutiques. Today, flexibility and the capability to adjust are necessary to respond to an evolving and highly volatile market.

Design and technology

Shopware offers more than 1500 premium and free templates and themes. The majority of the templates and themes are mobile-friendly. Non-technical users can customize the pre-designed templates individually because of the drag-and-drop editor.

Configuration is simple.

Users have access to many tutorials. The CMS is transparent and clear. Instructions are easy to follow, and Shopware is intuitive, making it the best shop management program for creating an eCommerce website.

Allows sales channel integration.

The system allows adding Meta titles and meta-descriptions to the homepage and every product. Users can even add product ratings and comments, which are crucial for SEO. Users can build SEO-oriented templates and landing pages.

Shopware allows integration with sales channels like email marketing, social media, and more. You can easily communicate with consumers using major communication channels.


Online stores evolve, which means you need more capacities, extra features, and alternatives. Fortunately, Shopware is scalable and can adapt to eCommerce business needs with ease.

Modern technology is used, which avoids common tech glitches and guarantees the well-functioning of your e-commerce store. It means you can adapt to trends in your industry without worrying about scalability.

Support from the Shopware community

Users with firsthand experience using Shopware 5 and 6 or themes and plugins help other people who have an issue or need to clear their doubts. Passionate discussions are generated in the forum, including answers to queries and even tips and tricks to maximize digital store benefits using Shopware.

How do I locate a reputable Shopware agency?

While hiring an employee, the employers carefully sift through the applicant’s CV and experience, which is a process that has to be duplicated when choosing a Shopware agency. The professionals need to be officially certified by Shopware.

Examine the staff’s qualifications and even look at their portfolio. Read their case studies to see how they supported their clients’ challenges and more. Make certain that they provide extensive customer support.


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