5 Common Reasons People File Disability Claims

There are millions of people currently receiving disability benefits, and millions more that will file every year. This insurance is a great way to protect not only a person’s income but also to allow them to focus on healing instead of worrying about taking care of bills while they are disabled. Here are some of the top reasons people file disability claims.

Mental Health Conditions

Mental health conditions are some of the most common disabilities to date. From PTSD and depression to cognitive challenges and bipolar disorder, mental health conditions that result in disability come in a range of forms. Not only are they just as complex as a physical disability, but they are also as tricky to treat. Whether a person has a conditionally renewable policy, or not, mental health disabilities rank among the top reasons for filing a claim.

Heart Disease Diagnosis


Cardiac conditions such as heart disease are another common disability claim. In many cases, a person who treats their cardiac condition or undergoes surgery must still return to work within a short period. To help reduce stress on the heart or to encourage healing, disability claims are filed in an effort to extend time off. In most cases, these claims are valid, however, some providers may deny claims if they feel that the person is recovered enough to work.

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer has been one of the leading disability filing reasons in the past decade. While it is true that cancer has become easier to treat, there is still no cure. Unfortunately, many companies and insurance providers have begun to dispute a person’s inability to work during or after treatment. The effects of chemotherapy treatments range from brain fog to chronic fatigue, all of which will vary from one person to the next. This makes it harder to determine what qualifies as a disability and what doesn’t.


There are various ailments and diseases that require constant care. Others just need the right care and proper rehabilitation. Going through rehab for a disability can result in chronic pain, fatigue, or even an inability to work during the rehab process. This is one of the more common reasons people have for filing disability insurance claims. With chronic pain and recovery, it is not always easy to see or calculate the amount of pain a person may be feeling since pain is subjective. The same goes for completing rehabilitation following a disabling event.

Disorders of The Nervous System

Nervous system disorders rank among the top five reasons that people file disability claims. These disorders range from Parkinson’s disease all the way to multiple sclerosis. Often, insurance providers will push back on these types of claims not because they don’t believe the condition exists, but rather because the condition is not disabling.

Get The Disability Benefits You Deserve

No matter what disability, a person claims to have, they deserve the benefits they are entitled to. Working with a skilled disability insurance attorney is one way to ensure a claim is properly submitted. If a person’s claim has been denied, they also have the right to appeal the decision. Working with a disability insurance attorney is the best way to win approval for a claim during the appeal.


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