3 Top Players Of Kansas City Chiefs In 2022

The Chiefs are currently the most successful members of the American Football Conference (AFC), and have already asserted their dominance in the 2022 NFL games. Kansas City have historically used the off season to make the majority of their player changes.

Of course, the NFL and AFC stats are regularly changing. That is why it’s important to stay on top of the latest developments from individual players and teams. Check out the NFL betting odds to keep track of any changes during the regular season.

These are three of the top players currently leading the Chiefs who have also been named for Pro Bowl selection this year. They are also some of the key players who have made several Super Bowl appearances during their professional careers, and have potential to see huge gains for the Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming season.

Pro Bowl Selection

Being selected for the Pro Bowl is widely recognized as a significant milestone in many professional NFL players’ careers. The all-star game features the highest achieving NFL and AFC players every year, and it is known as a high achievement that many athletes strive towards.

While the Chiefs are sending six impressive players to the Pro Bowl, these are three individuals who have already made a great deal of progress during their careers, and have been selected for the pro bowl multiple times already.

Tyreek Hill

First is the wide receiver who has recently secured his sixth selection for Pro Bowl during his career. Tyreek Hill has a reputation for speed and has highly impressive athletic skills, which he used to his advantage in his early career.

Hill soon gained the nickname cheetah for his speed which made him stand out and gave the Chiefs a natural advantage over their opponents. He has led the league and won a Superbowl during his career, and remains an active part of the NFL.

Hill is definitely one of the strongest players, which is one of the reasons why he has been consistently selected for the pro bowl games. He was definitely a valuable player to introduce to the Chiefs, as he helped orchestrate a great deal of gains as a part of the team.

Orlando Brown Jr

Another impressive Chiefs member who has spent some time working on his skill is Orlando Brown Jr. Having been selected for his third pro bowl, the offensive tackle was a pro bowl for the Ravens before joining the Chiefs.

Brown is an instrumental part of the Chiefs’ defense, and is one of the reasons why they hold some of the season’s lowest numbers in terms of sacks allowed. His height and athletic ability allow Brown a higher vantage point and key strength which are essential to create a strong, reliable, and powerful defense.

Brown is a valuable team member within the Chiefs, and he has already demonstrated a great deal of strength and potential as a professional athlete.

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is another key player for the Chiefs who has been selected for his fourth pro bowl. At 26 years old, the quarterback has had his share of Super Bowl appearances, and is the youngest African American quarterback to win the Super Bowl MVP.

Not only that, but Mahomes has a highly impressive selection of NFL records under his belt. These include being the fastest to 10,000 career passing yards, one of the best career quarterback ratings, and the most passing touchdowns during a player’s first 50 games.

He is a disciplined athlete who holds himself to a high standard, and this approach seems to be paying off. Mahomes is a valued member of the Chiefs, and it was a smart move to draft the young player.


Overall, there are so many reasons why these athletes are some of the key Chiefs players at the moment. They are disciplined, motivated, and able to achieve great things. Team players can be hard to find, which is why it’s all the more important that the Chiefs create an atmosphere among team members that allows them to build friendships and develop some level of mutual respect.

Understanding one another and forming deeper bonds with teammates can be highly beneficial on and off the field, and it should be something that talent agents look for in young rookie players. While there are some important members who have not been listed today, it is worth checking out these players’ profiles to appreciate what their pro bowl selections really mean.

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