Yvette Arellano’s Friends Grill Mohamed Abdelhamed: Hey, Somebody’s Gotta Ask Questions!

What are friends for?

Next episode The 90-day-old groomYvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed sit down with Yve’s friends Tatiana, Jen and Rochelle.

It is not clear how much they know Mohamed’s demands on Yvette as far as breakfast in bed and sharing a room with a plumber.

But his friends know the production wants them to mix the boiler there … and they are more than happy to ask questions that Yve not done.

The claim that Mohamed has not made a good impression on viewers is an understatement.

His first morning in America, he became rude when Yvette went to work instead of making him breakfast in bed.

In last week’s episode, Mohamed dared to suggest that Yve write a list of new “rules” to follow after he insisted that he not talk to a two-way plumber.

Mohamed Abdelhamed - so I’m glad you’re learning one more rule for today

Season 9, Episode 7, Mohamed sits down with Tatiana, Jen, and Rochelle, with the same friends Yvette discussed with him in his first episode.

The program has a long history of using family and friends to raise unpleasant topics (yes, producers remind them) to make these conversations take place on screen.

Tatiana, Jen, and Roche do this as a service to Yvette … but also a genuine concern for her relationship. They want to get to know Mohammed.

Yvette & Mohamed 9x07 01

When this full sweak peek begins, Mohamed tells the camera that Yvette’s team hasn’t been very impressed.

“My first impression of Yven’s friends is that they are weird,” he admits in confession.

“I feel like they’re trying to see how I react because I’m a Muslim,” he speculated, “so they look more on their breasts and I don’t have to see it.”

Yvette & Mohamed 9x07 02

Honestly, their attire looks more or less comparable to what they wore when they sat with Yvette in an earlier episode.

However, there are push-up bras in the mix that weren’t there before.

Coincidence or design? Maybe a little of both. Women all look great anyway.

Yvette & Mohamed 9x07 03

Yvette moves awkwardly to get wine because she has been told in the past that she will drink less with Mohamed in her life.

However, he assures his friends that he doesn’t care if they drink.

Tatiana then asks if she’s ready for some of the “lightning-fast” questions she agrees to.

Yvette & Mohamed 9x07 04

Mohamed admits he has never had sex with another woman.

(They had to clarify what they meant by “intimate” because it’s some kind of euphemism)

Mohamed says he has never kissed or hugged another woman before Yve.

Yvette & Mohamed 9x07 05

Many Americans have seen viral videos of weddings in fundamentalist cults where the bride and groom have never kissed and clearly do not know how.

Naturally, Yvette’s friends are a little curious (okay, a lot curious) about how Mohamed was able to adjust when he met Yve.

“Then how did you know what to do?” Mohamed is asked. “Have you ever watched porn?”

Yvette & Mohamed 9x07 06

It’s a polarizing question even in America, where some may not catch the eye but viewers meandering in place as Emily feeds her son would probably feel like Mohammed.

“In Egypt, no one, ever, would ask such questions,” he tells the recognition camera.

“She sits and talks about sex, I don’t want to be here, but I do it for Yven,” Mohamed insists. “I don’t want Yven to get angry, but it’s very difficult.”

Yvette Arellano’s Friends Grill Mohamed Abdelhamed: Hey, Somebody’s Gotta Ask Questions! Source link Yvette Arellano’s Friends Grill Mohamed Abdelhamed: Hey, Somebody’s Gotta Ask Questions!

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