Yumi Nu: Seeing Someone Like Me on a SI Swimsuit Cover Has ‘Always Been Needed’

A little over a year after she made history as the first Asian plus-size model Sports illustrated swimsuitYumi Nu is now on the cover of the magazine.

Nu, who performed with his sister Natalie Nootenboom Teen VogueMay 2022 coveris featured in the latest alongside Kim Kardashian, Ciara and Maye Musk SI swimsuit cover. In addition to his recent ones Teen Vogue and SI swimsuit The covers, Nu, 25, have also appeared on both American and Japanese covers Vogue.

In an interview with People, Nu talked about the effects that the appearance of her cover can affect on young plus-size Asian girls. He said he saw someone like him on the cover SI swimsuit when he was younger would have changed his life.

“I think my 13-year-old myself was already tainted with society’s beliefs about what you have to look like to be on the covers. If he had seen it before he saw anything else, I think he would have lived a different life and a different main space, ”Nu said. People. “That’s why this is important now and has always been needed.”

Yumi Nu said earlier Teen Vogue that his mindset changed around 2016, he got along with his body and accepted himself as he is.

“Even with my body, I was so tired of not liking myself or waiting to lose weight, expecting to look a certain way to be happy with myself, so I just started to accept myself on all sides,” he said. . While he acknowledged the negative role of social media in his body image, Nu said seeing people who looked like him on Instagram helped him accept his own body.

In the essay that accompanied her description of SI swimsuit, Nu wrote about celebrating her body and accepting it in a culture that has historically appreciated leanness.

“I am a second-generation Japanese American, and Japanese culture values ​​being skinny, slender, and small. So I have to be on the cover Vogue in Japan meant to be seen and respected in a culture that often makes people with bigger bodies like me feel invisible. ” he wrote.

“Of course, weight loss isn’t just a priority in Japan,” Nu continued. “Even here in the U.S., where much of the fashion industry has become more inclusive of people with a body like me over the past few years, some people – such as designers in certain high-end fashion houses and stupid, angry guys like the internet – just haven’t fully realized yet. people who look to me belong everywhere else. ”

This post originally appeared Teen Vogue.

Yumi Nu: Seeing Someone Like Me on a SI Swimsuit Cover Has ‘Always Been Needed’ Source link Yumi Nu: Seeing Someone Like Me on a SI Swimsuit Cover Has ‘Always Been Needed’

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