Youtube To Mp3 Converter Tool Online

Youtube To Mp3 Converter Tool Online


  • Introduction
  • Online youtube video to MP3 converter tools
  • Pros and cons of using Youtube to MP3 converters
  • Wrap up

Youtube is the most popular online video platform where users can share and watch videos. It is a great source of entertainment as well as education. You can find millions of videos in many formats.

Youtube is a good platform for entertainment but sometimes it does not work ideally when it comes to the internet and offline access issues. Videos always require a sound internet connection to stream. It is a better option to convert and download the videos to a format that can fit into your device and you can play it offline whenever you want.

Youtube to MP3 converters work best in this regard. Let’s take a look and explore some facts about these online tools and platforms.

Online youtube video to MP3 converters tools

The online converting tools basically are web-based services that provide utility by converting the youtube videos to MP3 format. As these tools are online so the users do not have to download or install them to the devices. You can use these online platforms to save any type of content from youtube to your device without any hassle.

When you search on the internet you can find many tools that perform the function of video conversion. These tools have their own specifications and provide the best results. Here is a list of some of the best online youtube to MP3 converters that can be a better choice for you.

.★     YTHUB.CC

When we talk about good converters they meet certain criteria and YTHUB.CC is one of them. This platform helps to convert the youtube videos to MP3, MP4 and any other supported format within no time. YTHUB.CC is committed to providing the most steady and high-quality service.

Features of YTHUB.CC

  • You can convert and download the videos without spending any money
  • Download videos under 30 minutes with the free account
  • The sound and video quality is not compromised when using this platform
  • Although, the download speed depends on the file size and quality but this platform has a super-fast speed than any other tool
  • It allows downloading the whole playlist from youtube
  • There is also a video/audio cutter option available

★     FreedownloadHq

This is a website that allows you to convert and download Youtube videos mainly to MP3 format. It also supports other video and audio formats. The conversion process is very easy. Just copy the link of a youtube video, open website and paste the URL on the bar and let it do the rest of the process.

Features of freedownloadhq

  • It is a free tool and does not set any check upon the number of downloads
  • It is widely used because of its compatibility. It is compatible with almost all devices
  • The users can also convert and download the whole youtube playlist by just registering and paying a little for the premium version.
  • It is often tedious to use two different platforms one for searching and the other for conversion purposes, but with freedownloadhqyou can search and convert the videos in the same platform.

★     MP3DL.CC

If you are one who loves watching videos and listening to music offline then this platform is for you. With the help of this fast, easy and helpful platform you can enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere you want. For better understanding, this platform offers seven other languages that make streaming better.

Features of MP3DL.CC

  • The basic conversion features of the tool are free to use. You only have to pay for certain premium features.
  • A clean platform free of ads and viruses
  • The supporting audio formats are M4A, OGG, MP3, ACC, WAV, WMA, FLAC
  • The supporting video formats are 3GP, WMV, AVI, MP4, KMV, MOV, WEBM, FLV, MPG, M4V
  • You can convert and download a youtube playlist by simply registering an account
  • It is a user-friendly tool with a very simple interface

★     BTCLOD

Everyone prefers to have access to their favourite youtube videos without any hindrance. It requires a tool that can convert and download these videos for you to enjoy the music without any difficulty. BTCLOD works best in that way. It is a fantastic free tool that enables its users to convert and download the music they wished for.

Features of BTCLOD

  • It is free and safe software as it does not contain any viruses or malware
  • It supports 13 video formats and 4 audio formats
  • It has a beginner-friendly interface and the download process takes very little time to complete
  • It is convenient to download a whole youtube playlist by using BTCLOD

Pros and cons of using Youtube to MP3 converters

A lot of advantages of using online youtube to MP3 converters. But one can not deny the drawbacks of using them. There are many plus points of these tools but also some disadvantages as well.

Pros of Youtube to MP3 converters

  • Most of the converters available online are free to use
  • These tools are mostly compatible with all devices
  • They have a very simple interface that makes them an easy to use tool
  • They are competent and support many video and audio formats
  • Take less time to convert and download files than any other offline tools
  • The quality of the video files is not compromised, the colors will not fade after conversion

There are a lot more advantages of these online tools that make them a better choice than offline converters. There are also many disadvantages of these tools one can not deny.

Cons of Youtube to MP3 converters

  • As these tools are online, a good internet connection is required to do the task. A poor internet connection won’t make it happen.
  • The servers only store the converted files for a short period of time, if you forget to download them they will vanish out and you have to start the process again.
  • There is a file size limit. Usually, users can’t convert large video files
  • The online tools have a reduced set of features as compared to the desktop tools
  • Sometimes the quality of output is dependent upon the technology used to create the converters that sometimes do affect the quality.

Wrap up!

Overall, there are many youtube to MP3 converters available online. So, it is best practice to do a little research before using any tool available online or you may check this post. It will save your time and help you to find a good option..

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