You May Soon Be Able to Buy Dungeness Crab Right Off a Boat in SF

If the updated proposal is approved by the Waterfront Commission, San Franciscan may have a chance to do something that was not possible before. Buy fresh, still-living Dungeness crabs directly from Fisherman’s Wharf commercial fishing vessels.

San Francisco is more or less Synonymous with Dungeness crab, Especially around Thanksgiving. And now, crab enthusiasts may be able to satisfy their crustacean modifications by quickly choosing Dungeness crabs from their fishing vessels.

As reported by KPIX,suggestion Update to 2017 program — A retail fishing program that allows direct fish sales from commercial fishing vessels at Fisherman’s Wharf Harbor may soon include crab trading. Previously, the fish retail program banned the sale of crabs. The general availability of Dungeness crabs from these boats was feared to adversely affect the large number of crab stands already established along the harbor.

But COVID-19 has changed that mindset ever since. During the pandemic, crab stalls weren’t up and running at Fisherman’s Wharf — and only a handful of crab stalls are back. However, the expansion of the retail fish program does not include cooked crabs that help minimize competition with surviving crab stands.

The proposal is to sell crab boats, increase the “engagement” of port patrons, provide an opportunity to educate the general public about commercial and sustainable fishing, etc. “Economic vitality” will increase. “And walking traffic along the harbor and other parts of the city.

Proposals will be submitted to the Port Commission on Tuesday, according to the press. Voting is scheduled for two weeks. And if approved, fishermen can immediately sell live crabs from their boats.

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Photo: Getty Images / Gomez David

You May Soon Be Able to Buy Dungeness Crab Right Off a Boat in SF Source link You May Soon Be Able to Buy Dungeness Crab Right Off a Boat in SF

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