You can now hide like counts on Instagram and Facebook

You can now hide it like a count on Instagram and Facebook. After years of testing on both platforms, Facebook and Instagram settled on an opt-in experience that hides like a count, hiding them on every post, like counting from others. Provided an option to hide their publications.

Instagram has enabled this feature under the pressure of years of testing and changes from experts to the platform. This service was ranked as “the most harmful to the mental health and well-being of young people”. 2017 study According to the Royal Society for Public Health. Experts insist Removing the Like button and Like count may reduce the anxiety and social pressure of some Facebook and Instagram users.

“We tested hiding like a count to see if it could reduce people’s experience on Instagram,” says an Instagram spokeswoman. “I’ve heard from people and experts that what doesn’t look like a count is beneficial to some and annoying to others, especially people like counts. It provides a choice for use in understanding trends and popularity. “

How to hide Facebook like a count.
Image: Facebook

Today, both Instagram and Facebook will be able to toggle the option to hide all similar counts for all posts in the feed. Another option allows you to hide counts like yourself from others. You can also hide the like count for each post on Instagram, giving you a little more flexibility so you can focus on the content of the post instead of the like count. Facebook will get control of these same posts in the coming weeks.

Facebook First started a hidden test like a count In September 2019, as an experiment to see if the changes will improve the experience of using the platform. Instagram is also testing different ways to hide like counts recent years, With Test this same optional feature Just last month.

You can now hide like counts on Instagram and Facebook Source link You can now hide like counts on Instagram and Facebook

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