Yosemite wildfire grows, but giant sequoias remain protected

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, California (AP) – A wildfire broke out on the edge of a forest of large California sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park overnight but was contained for part of Tuesday.

The fire lasted 6 days It is not expected to make much progress in the famous Mariposa Grove, an official told a community meeting Monday evening.

“Overall it’s in a very good position,” said Matt Ahearn, managing director of the event management team.

Yosemite forest and firefighter Garrett Dickman also expressed a positive attitude in an interview with after looking at the west side of the forest on Sunday.

“I went everywhere in the sun and didn’t see any death. Some of the trees were burning on them, but the height of the heat was just right for them to keep up,” Dickman said.

The Washburn fire on the south side of the park covered about 5 square miles (13 square kilometers) but was up 22% on Tuesday morning, according to the report.

The fire has been raging since Friday when visitors reported smoke on the Washburn Trail near Mariposa Grove, a stand of hundreds of symbolic drugs He was the 3,000 -year -old Grizzly Giant.

The next day, hundreds of visitors and residents were evacuated from the nearby Wawona neighborhood, but the rest of Yosemite was evacuated.

Sprinklers were set up in the forest to protect the old trees, and a team of firefighters prepared the fences for Wawona.

The fire was burning in the north and east, from the forest. The weather was hot and dry but the wind was light.

Ahearn, the project leader, explained how hard it is for firefighters to stop the movement of fire on hard ground.

“We think a lot with design but we’re in competition with design,” he said. “All teams are fully committed, fully supportive, fighting the strongest fire.”

Ahearn expressed hope in keeping the famous forest from fire.

“It’s on the outside of Mariposa Grove,” Ahearn said. “He supported a small path in that, but he didn’t give a strong return to the forest.”

Ahearn said the fire cleaned up around the trees.

“We don’t fully see the fire moving from where we are right now,” he said.

Firefighters cut off a line on the north side of Mariposa Grove, he said.

Firefighters speculated that as the fire moved east and south, it could cover part of the forest.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation but officials believe the cause of the fire is because there is no real red.

The large sequoia, which is the only of about 70 forests spread in the western part of the Sierra Nevada, are thought to be fire -resistant but have become as flammable as fire. fire, fueled by the growth of the forest from a hundred fires and the effect of drought exacerbated by climate changeit is more powerful and destructive.

Lightning fires over the past two years have killed up to one -fifth of an estimated 75,000 large sequoia, which are the largest trees in size and a major draw for tourists.

Strong winds blew through the forest more than a year ago and destroyed 15 large sequoia trees, along with many other trees.

The fallen trees, as well as many of the pines killed by the bark, provided enough firewood for the fire.

In Utah, smoke and ash from a wildfire in rural Tooele County burned in Salt Lake City on Saturday. On Monday night, the Jacob City Fire rose to 6.4 square miles (16.6 square kilometers), with a 19% recovery, officials said.

Elsewhere in Utah, firefighters battled strong winds in the 15.9 square-mile (41-square-kilometer) Halfway Hill Fire in Filmore. A judge on Saturday arrested four men whom investigators said left a campfire that started the blaze.

Now in 2022, more than 35,000 wildfires have burned nearly 4.7 million acres (1.9 million acres) in the U.S., according to the National Interagency Fire Center, more than the average for fires and burnt acres.

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Yosemite wildfire grows, but giant sequoias remain protected Source link Yosemite wildfire grows, but giant sequoias remain protected

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