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That big thing Based on what people have been reading for the most this week, were the details of a memo Y Combinator sent to its portfolio founders.

As markets continue to slide, YC is telling its portfolio founders it’s time to close the hatches – cut costs, lengthen the runway and achieve a “default alive” state. “For those of you who have started your business in the last 5 years,” writes YC, “challenge what you think the normal fundraising environment is.”

Manish has them full 10 point email here.

other things

Aside from more bad news about the markets, what else was going on?

Apple testing a foldable?: Is Apple tinkering with the idea of ​​folding phones and/or tablets? According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is testing e-ink displays for the secondary display on a not-yet-seen “future foldable device.” However, as Brian points out, “there’s a big gap between testing and releasing” — in other words, don’t be too surprised if this never sees the light of day.

NHTSA investigates Tesla crash: Earlier this month, a Tesla Model S “hit a curb and crashed into construction equipment,” killing three people. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now investigating the accident to determine if Tesla’s Autopilot system could be involved.

The DOJ says it will no longer prosecute bona fide hackers: After far, far, far too long, the US Department of Justice is re-evaluating how it handles hacking cases and, for the first time, is clearly stating that “bona fide security research should not be prosecuted” under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Haje about the new bottle cap from Coke: “When [Coke] sends a hand-wringing press release about how awesome they are to bring to market a bottle cap where the cap stays on the bottle ‘for environmental reasons’,” writes Haje, “I’m sorry, my blood is just boiling.”

PayPal Ventures Graduates Launch New Fund: Within months of parting ways with PayPal Ventures, these three graduates had raised a huge new fund of their own. The focus? Fintech and supporting “start-ups tackling the ‘biggest hurdles’ in today’s financial infrastructure: access, utility, flexibility and cost”.

added things

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Solo or co-founder?: You are starting a business. Do it alone or find a co-founder? I’ve heard this question pretty much every time I’ve attended a panel with VCs or founders. In this post, DocSend (acquired by Dropbox in 2021) co-founder Russ Heddleston shares his thoughts.

Are layoffs accelerating at startups?: It feels like we hear about new layoffs every other day. How fast are startup layoffs accelerating? Alex Wilhelm dives into the data.

Alleviating the global lithium shortage: Lithium-ion batteries, as the name suggests, require lithium. But “today’s lithium mines cannot hope to meet exploding demand,” writes Tim De Chant. So where are we taking it? Tim takes a look at some possible solutions.

YC’s letter to founders, Apple’s folding device and the DOJ’s new stance on hackers – TechCrunch Source link YC’s letter to founders, Apple’s folding device and the DOJ’s new stance on hackers – TechCrunch

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