Xos shows off two new EVs as diesel-guzzling fleets inch towards electrification – TechCrunch

Xos, an EV company specializing in commercial vehicles, tonight unveiled two new vehicles that aim to become the leading provider and “operating system” for battery-powered fleets.

In addition to its existing battery-electric Stepvan and powertrainXos added a new heavy-duty tractor, called the HDXT, and a medium-duty truck, the MDXT, to its offering on Tuesday.

Xos designed the HDXT for regional fleets and claims it can go up to 230 miles per charge. (For the numbers nerds, Xos said the HDXT also offers 36,583 ft-lbs of torque, “the most currently offered by a commercial vehicle on the market today.”)

The smaller MDXT – which can take the form of a panel van, reefer truck or pickup truck – can cover up to 270 miles per charge per Xos. Although those ranges are well short of the promised 500-mile range for Tesla’s long-delayed ones Halfthey still offer enough juice to coat most trains.

Anyway, Xos may never steal the limelight like the world’s more consumer-centric Teslas and Rivians, but the Los Angeles-based company’s goal is to edge out some of them worst for the environment Vehicles on today’s roads – arguably just as sexy.

Imagine your typical tractor-trailer: if I close my eyes, I see one humming next to a Vons grocery store, packed with what appear to be Pepsi cases, with exhaust fumes so strong I could taste it from the curb.

Important as they are, commercial vehicles like these are terrible for the environment. In the US alone, they are responsible for more than “420 million tons of climate pollution a year – more than the entire country of Australia,” according to a 2021 report Environmental Protection Fund. The resulting air pollution puts a disproportionate burden on communities of color.

Those detrimental effects prompted Dakota Semler to co-found Xos about 13 years ago, the CEO said in a chat with TechCrunch. “For every truck we put on the road, we do something positive,” said Semler, adding, “It’s exciting to say that we can actually make a difference in cleaning local air quality, not just CO2 emissions, but actually making the air we live in cleaner to breathe.”

In addition to the new vehicles, Xos announced a software platform called Xosphere, which the company says was developed to reduce the cost of running an electric fleet. “Now we can do charge planning, charge management and vehicle charging from the same platform you do your service tickets, your telematics and driver monitoring, safety monitoring and driver awareness,” said Semler.

There are currently “several dozen” Xos vehicles on the roads today, the company told TechCrunch. 56 of them were delivered in the first quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, some big names in the truck space are switching and investing in electric vehicles. This includes Daimlerwhose first heavy electric trucks are to go into production this yearand Volvo Trucks, who announced it second iteration of its electrified big rigs earlier this year.

Xos shows off two new EVs as diesel-guzzling fleets inch towards electrification – TechCrunch Source link Xos shows off two new EVs as diesel-guzzling fleets inch towards electrification – TechCrunch

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