X Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Casinos in Poland

Players or visitors have occasionally flocked at casinos to enjoy the moment. Casinos in Poland create a sensational gambling experience, where the sounds of the slots welcome players. The décor and the staff’s dress code capture the eyes of many. While fascinating lights trigger the mind to get a chance to play their favorite game.

On the other hand, the online domain has been embraced by many due to convenience. Today, players enjoy various games at the palm of their hands. Technology has added a layer of top-notch security. Their personal information is kept secure through SSL data encryption. However, our expert Jacek Michalski (more about him here) elaborates on some things we didn’t know about casinos in Poland.

Traditional based casinos are strictly governed

Poland has some strict rules that control the number of traditional casinos and what they offer to players. Some casinos provide conventional casino games, while others provide bingo saloons and sport betting avenues. When a community hits 250,000 Poles, the government permits it to have one casino. A town with 520,000 Poles qualifies to have two casinos.

The rate is different for bingo saloons. The state demands a population of 100,000 Poles to acquire one bingo saloon. Slot machine parlors are also operated by a state-run company that controls gambling in Poland. There are a set of rules that stipulate slot machines operations. A machine parlor should have three to fifty machines to obtain a license.

There are few online game choices in Poland

Before Poland amended its gambling laws, the only mode of online gambling was sports betting. Totalizator Sportowy is a state-owned company that offers various online casino games. However, online poker is deemed illegal. Other facts about casinos in Poland are that poker is only allowed in tournaments hosted in licensed traditional casinos. The Gambling Law Amendment has introduced a few improvements, such as allowing brick-and-mortar casinos to organize poker tournaments in different avenues and unlicensed entities. However, this is not to say that Polish players cannot enjoy gaming as there are many offshore online casinos that offer the same. Landing on a reputable casino is easy as long as you check the rating on the bingo gra platform.

Payment service providers are restricted on which sites they can partner with

The Gambling Law Amendment has made it challenging for unlicensed websites outside Poland to work with Polish players. When the government identifies an unlicensed platform, it puts it in the registry of illegal sites. After that, payment service providers are given 30 days to pull out from arrangements done to offer transactional services with the sites. Those who fail to comply face a heavy fine of €58,000. Nevertheless, the same penalty applies to internet providers that violate rules restricting access to unlicensed gambling platforms.

The registry goes to internet providers

Unlicensed gambling sites that end up in the registry are shared with Polish internet providers. On the other hand, internet providers must block access to those unlicensed gambling sites. Once a site is blocked, it is not possible to access it in Poland. Despite the strict rules, blacklisted websites can appeal to the Minister of Finance. Surprisingly, the Minister of Finance is not notified when a platform is blacklisted. The only way to discover is by trying to access the gambling platform within Poland.

Casinos originated from Italy

Today, there are many casinos from different countries and all boast of having high-quality services. However, many fail to realize that casinos originated in Italy. The word casino is derived from the word casa, which means house. Casa in Italy was used to cover various creations, including summerhouses and social clubs. Gambling roots can be traced back to Venice in 1638. Today, many countries have embraced the popular pastime; however, gamblers have a huge debt to pay Italians.

The biggest slot machine win stands at $39.7 million

Casino jackpots are very lucrative with massive life-changing sums. The biggest slot machine win is not yet broken and stands at $39.7 million. Things happened in Las Vegas after a software engineer in the city wagered $100 at the Excalibur casino.  The record stands since 2003, and all eyes are set at Las Vegas watching to see who will be the next lucky gambler.

Gambling is prevalent worldwide, but there are few casino facts that people hardly know about, from the strict rules governing gambling in Poland to the luckiest slot winner in Las Vegas.


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