WTO calls off meeting after travel ban thwarts delegates

World Trade Organization postponed biennial ministerial meeting after Switzerland tightened travel bans to control new things Omicron variant coronavirus.

This decision was made at the Conference of Ambassadors in Geneva on Friday.

The meeting was scheduled to start on Monday, but Switzerland Forbidden travel People from Belgium and Israel, who came from southern Africa and where cases were detected, said they had to be quarantined for 10 days. This removed most of the EU delegation from travel.

“Given these unfortunate developments and the uncertainties they cause, we have to postpone the ministerial meeting and propose to reconvene as soon as circumstances permit,” said Dasio Castillo, chairman of the Honduras Council. No, “he said. No date has been set.

WTO Secretary-General Ngozi Okonjo Iwara said the conference did not provide the kind of interaction needed to effectively negotiate complex politically sensitive issues.

“This was not a simple recommendation … But my priority as Secretary is the health and security of all MC12 participants: ministers, representatives and civil society. Better, “she said.

“This does not mean that negotiations should be stopped. On the contrary, the Geneva delegation should be fully empowered to fill as many gaps as possible. We are responsible for this new variant. It reminds me of the urgency of the work I’m doing, “she said.

One of the main purposes of the conference is Vaccine availability In developing countries.

India, South Africa, and several other countries want to waive their intellectual property protection, including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, for all medical products used in the processing of Covid-19.

However, developed countries such as the EU, UK and Switzerland are opposed to such a drastic move. The EU has attempted a compromise by proposing to relax the rules on mandatory enforcement permits.

This allows the government to instruct generic manufacturers to manufacture medicines domestically with minimal compensation to the pharmaceutical company that invented them.

Ngozi Okonjoi Wara, WTO Secretary-General, said IP on Thursday Negotiations are “stuck”.

However, countries seek to conclude agreements to conserve fish stocks by abolishing subsidies for deep-sea fishing. India and some EU member states were still resisting, but WTO officials believed that the deal could be abandoned after 20 years of talks.

The news hits the bodies of 164 members. It cannot serve one of the main functions of arbitrating trade disputes. U.S. refuses Appoint a panelist as its appealing body. Ministers were expected to begin discussions on WTO reform.

This is the second postponement for health reasons. The meeting was first scheduled for June 2020 in Kazakhstan.

WTO calls off meeting after travel ban thwarts delegates Source link WTO calls off meeting after travel ban thwarts delegates

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