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King City — Returned to Matt, the King City Mustang Wrestling Team, who hosted the Salinas High Cowboys at the first dual meeting of the season.

Few people knew what to expect from the King City Wrestling Program, and no Stephen Stone head coach, as it was canceled last season for Covid-19.

“Like many teams, we have a lot of freshmen, so you don’t know,” Stone said. “They are raw. I have only one year of experience, so I am very nervous.”

The Cowboys further increased Stone’s uncertainty when Mustang JV and the girl wrestler didn’t start very well, as Salinas High was able to win most of the match.

The Cowboys swept all five girls’ games, including salinas wrestler Ailynne Acosta, who is currently second in the CCS at £ 111, according to pre-season rankings.

There were no wrestlers at £ 182 and £ 195 in King City, so Salinas had already risen 12 points at the start of the Dual Meat. Neither team had a 106-pound wrestler.

The 113-pound opening match pinned to Salinas, dropping Mustang by 18 points early in the tournament.

Next was King City’s £ 120 Adrian Macy’s. He had never wrestled before, but was able to stop one of Salinas’ top wrestlers. The cowboy wrestler hurt his shoulder in the second season, pulling him away from the match and winning Macy’s.

“Adrian has never wrestled before,” Stone said. “He took on the top girl of Salinas High. If she goes to the state this year and places it, I have no doubt about it. I saw the girl two weeks ago, and she It’s amazing. “

After a year’s vacation with Covid-19, Mustang’s wrestling team returned last week to defeat Salinas High 54-24. (Jason Gallardo / Staff)

Mustangs didn’t look back after Macies won. King City achieved eight straight wins with a pin, increased his score to 54-18 and clinched dual meats.

King City’s Dillion Burns (126), Joseph Rivas (132), Alan Alonzo (138), Adrian Hernandez (145), Zanderbanuelos (152), Brooks Khan (160), Andy Posi (170), David Puntha (220) I won with a pin.

The evening match came at 160 when Hahn was fighting the Salinas High Wrestler, who was 5-9 after the first period. Both wrestlers exerted great power by reversing multiple positions that could lead to a pin in the first period. Hahn was able to take advantage of the great position he was in to get the pin.

“I just wanted to get out there and put a point on the board,” Hahn said. “It ended up going the way of others, but in the second phase we see that his conditioning began to decline. So I went to Pin.”

The final match of the night was heavyweight, with King City’s Dallas Met Calf down 5-4 after the first period. The Salinas High Heavyweight eventually won the second season with a pin, but Coachstone was still encouraged by Metcalf’s performance.

“Dallas is a great heavyweight,” Stone said. “He’s still raw. Another kid just caught him with a good headlock.”

King City defeated Salinas High with a score of 54-24 in the first dual meeting of the year.

Stone talked about how it takes his young wrestling team to reach their potential.

“Wrestling for 34 years in my life, when I see beginners, I have to remember that they are beginners,” Stone said. “So I have to teach basic skills. But I believe in them. When you believe in your child, they will do spectacular things.”

The King City Mustang Wrestler succeeded in the first dual meeting of the year, beating Salinas High and winning eight pins. (Jason Gallardo / Staff)

Wrestling | King City holds off Salinas in first dual meet – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Wrestling | King City holds off Salinas in first dual meet – Salinas Valley Tribune

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