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This is time for confession. We columnists can have a hard time coming up with articles that you, the reader, can enjoy. Something on the page that peaks your interests. Or something about the people who should run our country. This is seen on TV often enough. I mean, I don’t know if you care about politics. My angel said I had informed you many times about my opinion on the subject.

After discussing with Muse (My Angel) and coming up with something that can be read without problems, I usually write about my family, dogs, cars, and what it’s like to get older. Some of these things you may be as familiar with or better than me.

Almost everyone knows to get older. Not for teens and older. Until graduating from high school, many young people use the same maxim that I used. “I’m not as old as my mom and dad.” Teens don’t understand how fast time moves. Well, if they have school treatises that need to be submitted by a certain date. Many columnists pick up the paper and find what they are interested in in a few pages. Usually it’s about what’s happening now, or what’s going to happen in the near future.

I use different methods to decide what to submit this week and try to get the idea in my head the day before the editor wonders if he will submit his contribution. My opinion is my own and the only way I can change them is if evidence of error is shown. But you may have a different perspective on any subject I choose.

Another truth I would like to mention is that I have a real problem writing about the current state of politicians in Washington today. I would rather write about the new puppy litter that my neighbor’s dog helped last night. I might even mention our fair city merchants who are doing a really good job of treating his / her customers like a family.

Today I’m back in a treatise I wrote while sitting in front of a computer trying to practice my skills. Once I decided that all the American escape blunders and the allies we made in Afghanistan were over, I pulled it out. Of course, I thought the terrible incident was over. Since then, we’ve heard some terrible things about the president and his minions, what happened, and how the whole deal was a morbid joke.

The subject of this treatise is that it happened many years ago and I want to determine if you are willing to read about peace talks with other countries that we have invaded and left confused. I had to study. Another war we couldn’t win. No one cares to hear about all the Shenanigans our president pulled during that terrible time, but just knowing a few things will intrigue you to what’s happening right now. maybe.

After sending thousands of men and all the extra equipment since World War II, this turned out to be no easy task. The war is so great that the South Vietnamese have been fighting the French for many years to get rid of the oppressive squeeze they had on them since the French colonized Vietnam after World War II. I was good at it.

The country leaders didn’t care about it and decided to put their country above the 38th parallel. And it was run by the old Ho Chi Minh. He was a communist and our vowed enemy was the Soviet Union, so two of them joined in through their leaders to fight the United States, which we decided to hate communists. bottom. Most of what was said and the mothers of the sons and daughters who went to war were crushed when even their children heard how barbaric some people were.

As you may know, the war lasted for quite some time, abandoning and killing children who were drafted and had no interest in being in that terrible place.

Then, after seeing the United States virtually go crazy, politicians decided to hold peace talks. This was in 1968. The president at the time was Nixon, who was driven to win the presidential election and ordered him to refuse the concession by North Korea.

No, most soldiers wanted all Vietnamese soldiers to go home and let the Vietnamese people decide their destiny. Later, more lies were lied to by both parties, and the war continued to chew our youth.

President Nixon finally signed the Paris Agreement in January 1973, and the war was declared in April 1975. Five years after Nixon failed to offer an approved peace offer for him to be elected. 58,148 Americans died and 304,000 were injured in Vietnam. All of this was due to the politics and vanity of politicians in Washington.

Now you’re probably asking why I wrote this. Why do you get over that old time? See what’s happening right now in our Capitol. Americans were left in the fighting zone without assistance, people who are afraid of their lives because they helped America. Is it just that politicians are doing something for their vanity? Is our president lying about his son’s fraudulent activity due to some bidding proquares?

It’s strange that I wrote this on my family’s paper, but as you know, all the killed, injured, and injured children were once our neighbors and friends.

What’s going on with Worthy? Did he faint? No, I want people to think that the politicians who go to Washington are almost broken and come back to the millionaire. Everything in Washington is about money. The biggest source of money in Washington is war. I don’t think it is necessary to continue the war. As you know, madness repeats the same thing over and over and expects different results.

God bless.

Worthy to Print Column | Time for Confession – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Worthy to Print Column | Time for Confession – Salinas Valley Tribune

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