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Last week started in good shape. I did many things that I had on my to-do list. I keep working on my truck, but now I just need a few more parts. Then the end of the week fell.

We all found out that our city manager was leaving us for another job. Something like that special person you met once and it broke your heart. Seventeen years ago I was in the council when our dear Mayor René Mendez was hired. I am proud to be one of the board members who made the decision to rescue her family and get her out of the wilderness. He had a good recommendation of his latest work, but is now close to walking on water.

For him and his work, our little town was national news. Not just one, but often. It makes me proud to live here. After he went to work for us, he did something that most city managers rarely do: he moved his whole family here. He bought a house and his children grew up before our eyes.

Now that the last child has made the decision to go to a school far from the city where he grew up, I think René wants to see what he can do with greater responsibility; most great men do this. Then, in the near future, it will leave our small part of Heaven to straighten out a much larger city.

Why not leave a city that loves you for a city where the city manager has to carry a gun? THAT’S A JOKE. It will make that city understand how lucky they are to get their services in the foreseeable future. When you think about how many things he instituted here, I’m sure he will shine there. I’m very happy for him, if that’s what he wants.

I was lucky enough to learn what it is like to be a true councilor and then mayor under his tutelage. I personally learned a lot about city government from him, and my lovely girlfriend as a board member also gained a much greater understanding of city government.

I don’t know if you realize how lucky we have been to have had their services for the last 17 years; 17 years is a lifetime for a city administrator. Most get maybe a few years before they go to greener pastures. However, René found that the previous manager of the city had left us in an awkward state and first had to fix all the holes we had left.

He did a great job. You know it wasn’t an easy decision. However, his decision will not destroy his family. He told me that he will live here and that his wife will continue to shine his way. So that we don’t lose track of him, and who knows what the future holds.

Marta is also a wonderful gift to our city, and she has started working too. I’m very sad that he’s leaving, but I’m sure he’ll come to enjoy our car shows and many of the programs that helped him flourish. I could go on and say nothing but good things about the Mendez family and I wouldn’t have to repeat anything, but suffice it to say that we will miss him so much.

On a happier note! Did you have a wonderful Easter? It’s a little hard to write about losing a key player in Gonzalez City Council unless you have something good to say, and being like it was last weekend when most of us celebrated the Risen Lord, I can’t think of anything more wonderful . . I hope you don’t eat or drink too much.

Take my family to Gilroy to celebrate Easter with the family of my youngest son’s girlfriend and a few more guests. What a quieter, more fun day it was. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, and it’s always fun. Reed was with us, of course, just like my mother-in-law.

I do not agree with the philosophy of most of his guests, as with many people who still believe in our president. I think we are being treated like cattle and this Prez is a little shy of office duties. In case you are wondering, the first responsibility of the government is to protect the people you serve. I don’t think it’s being done.

Our gas is very high and food costs are also getting out of control. I realize that Biden is being led by some more progressive members of Congress, but in doing so he is really tearing us down. I can’t help but feel that we will send our boys and girls from the armed services to Ukraine to help them reclaim the land that is being taken from them.

I’m old enough to remember the terrible “Rooskies” and how we were all afraid that the whirlwind running that country was going to drop a bomb on our schools and homes. Have you ever had to jump in and get under your desk because you saw this “glow of light?” Of course we practiced it when I attended Bonita High School. We didn’t know that if a bomb had been dropped on us, we wouldn’t have had many chances if we had “seen the light”. However, we practiced it because we were good citizens.

Now it seems that if we are good citizens we will get the shots that the government tells us, even if the effects are not known.

Personally, I am very happy that Our Lord has risen and come out of that grave. I hope you too.

God bless you.

Worthy to Print Column | Happy Trails, Rene! – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Worthy to Print Column | Happy Trails, Rene! – Salinas Valley Tribune

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