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Everyone can drop their fur coats, wax their skis and polish their convertibles. Looks like we can get over the cold mornings and the unfortunate amount of rain this year. I get up and dress simply by putting on a T-shirt. I love spring and I can live in the summer, but I’m sure I don’t like the cold mornings that Lorraine and I have to play “Paper, Stone, Scissors” to see who gets out of bed to turn on the heater.

You may remember that I said I would like to honor a great boy on his 100th birthday, that day is today. Jack Ferrasci turns 100 as I write this. I didn’t know Jack well when I started receiving requests asking if he could point out that today’s birthday greetings are being sent to dear Jack.

Although I had only met Jack a few times, it was his phylogeny that called me and left me messages asking him to acknowledge that Jack was moving to the next century. I walked through his house one morning to get to know him a little and see what I could learn about him. I was happy to do this because Jack had long ago called my wife simply to inform us that we had a wonderful child. Kind, respectful and professional were words that were thrown around. To be honest, it was a great feeling to know that someone who didn’t know Reed very well felt the same way we did. It was such a small thing, but it was very significant to me.

When I sat down at the table with him, he started talking to me about himself. A real local boy, Jack was born in Soledad. After high school, Jack joined the Army Air Corps. He wasn’t crazy about the army, but Jack is a serious person who followed orders. He did it right.

He had met Nettie, his wife, as a child, since his mothers were dear friends. When he was in the army, they started writing letters to each other, and when he came back they started going out. He had opened a nursery that did not fulfill his quest for greatness, so he sold it. Jack is a serious Christian and didn’t like watering plants on Sundays, and he married Nettie. It should be noted that, as Jack commented, “He was a Swiss man who married a Swiss man.”

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it was a good match too, as he and Nettie have been married for 70 years. They have two children, Annette and Kenneth, and seven grandchildren. Seeing me observe his Rosary, Jack said that he prays the Rosary three times a day. That is a dedication that this writer would like to emulate.

Jack says he led a privileged life and that life kept smiling at him. It has a saying that I tried to copy as it says because I really thought it was pretty enough to learn. “Yesterday’s fears are a springboard for a more reverent way of serving God.”

When a man leads a life as rich as Jack, I could go on and on. I don’t think that was what his wives wanted him to do. I can only say that I don’t usually write about people in my column. Oh, of course, there are exceptions, but there was no hesitation when Candie, one of her caregivers, called me. She asked that I be able to give credit to Jack and his life, as he had given so much to others.

Jack is celebrating his 100th birthday with the love of his close family, and we hope you have a chance to say “Happy Birthday.” Maybe it’s a little late, but this writer’s wish is for Jack to have a birthday like no other. God bless you, Jack, and I look forward to sunny days forever.

Last week I wrote about why I love living in Gonzales. I also wanted to point out that the main reason is family. I know I write a lot about Gonzales, but I have to say that the families of the Salinas Valley are what I notice every day. The people who live in Gonzales are full of love for their families and each other. You can see it everywhere you go in our city or in any of the local villages, but Gonzales is where family comes first.

This writing about Jack is one more sample of family, and his presence in our Valley proves once again that love is the answer.

At last week’s auto show, I sat and watched as parents carried their children and they were doing “ooh” and “aah” when they saw how beautiful the cars were. There were mothers holding their children’s hands and laughing and smiling at their husbands. I can’t wait until next year.

The car show was a huge success. Everyone, and I mean everyone, thinks it was a success. I don’t know if you know it, but it was celebrated to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of our village. I don’t know how many cars the committee thought they would get, but there were over 140 cars on display. I spoke to many of the families who brought us a car to salivate and most of those who attended said it was one of the best shows they had attended.

Our village came with our families and neighbors to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of incorporation.

My girlfriend received an email yesterday that worries us a bit. If it’s not printed somewhere by the time we print another paper, I’ll tell you all about it, but for now you just have to realize that we’ll have options soon, and the choice will be difficult, but if we all go out with the love of our family, we’ll be fine .

God bless you.

Worthy to Print Column | Happy Birthday, Jack – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Worthy to Print Column | Happy Birthday, Jack – Salinas Valley Tribune

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