‘Worst house on best block’ of San Francisco sells for $2M

Pedestrians pass by a recently sold Victorian home in San Francisco on Friday, January 14, 2022. A corrupt 122-year-old Victorian home, sold as the “best block and worst home” in San Francisco, was recently sold for nearly $ 2 million. — The eye-catching price that the realtor said was the result of over-bidding at the auction. (AP Photo / Jeff Chiu)

Oakland, CA (AP) — A corrupt 122-year-old Victorian home for sale as the “best block and worst home” in San Francisco sold for nearly $ 2 million — a real estate agent said Over-bidding at eye-catching price auctions

Last week, the developer’s $ 1.97 million cash offer for 2,158 square feet (200 square meters) of real estate in the Noe Valley area was confirmed.Social media page Zillow Gone WildSome commenters were amazed at the price, while others questioned the value of wooden windows, paint peeling, and unstable foundational homes.

One commenter joked. “There’s actually a parking space. It’s no wonder it sold for almost $ 2 million!”

According to seller representative Todd Wiley, the property sold hundreds of thousands of dollars higher than other comparable fixer uppers in the region as a result of the sale of a complex power of attorney.

According to Widow, the judge approved the sale of the house after the elderly owner was put into the guardianship system. According to Wiley, the man’s family was worried about his life and hired a licensed trustee to handle the sale, and the income was used to pay for his ongoing care.

The house initially received the highest offer of about $ 1.4 million, and the will probate judge approved the offer and started the process of about seven weeks for the house to stay in the real estate market, creating strong interest.

At the auction, the Probate Court set up bids in units of $ 10,000.

“It kept things low and kept 5-6 bidders in the game,” Wiley said. Eventually the two strangled and “the auction environment brought it back to where it was,” he said.

“They really wanted it, but DataPoint didn’t support its sale. It was unusual,” he said.

‘Worst house on best block’ of San Francisco sells for $2M Source link ‘Worst house on best block’ of San Francisco sells for $2M

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