Workforce Partnership Receives $310,000 Grant for Behavioral Health Training

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San Diego Workers Partnership Received a $ 310,000 grant from Together Toward Health. This is a program of the Public Health Institute and was announced Thursday to fund a new vocational training program for behavioral health care.

This is part of a state-wide initiative to expand labor development opportunities for Californians most affected by COVID-19 and expand outreach efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Workforce Partnership’s latest paid training program aims to help people in Sandigan start a meaningful career in behavioral and mental health care.

“Public Health Institute generous grants help San Diego Workforce Partnership give 25 San Diegans the knowledge, skills, and qualifications they need to advance and launch their behavioral and mental health careers. “San Diego Workforce Partnership CEO Peter Callstrom said. “Especially in the health and economic crisis of COVID-19, as many Sundigans struggle to cope and survive, we take care of the community from the inside and their social and emotional feelings. Happiness must be prioritized. “

The grant is until the end of the year. Funding from the grant provides program participants with 120 hours of paid behavioral health and employment preparation training, scholarships, support services, and childcare solutions. The Workforce Partnership is intended to prioritize the recruitment of women, refugees, youth, blacks and Latino community members into paid behavioral health care programs.

“We are focusing on funding efforts to address the inequalities exacerbated by COVID,” said Susan Watson, director of Together Toward Health. “Such efforts in San Diego are expected to continue. It reflects both the health needs of behavioral problems and our efforts to support labor development strategies to strengthen the resilience of local economies within overly affected communities. “

Workforce Partnership Receives $310,000 Grant for Behavioral Health Training Source link Workforce Partnership Receives $310,000 Grant for Behavioral Health Training

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