Women’s Finances Are Reeling From the Pandemic. Let’s Talk About How to Change That.

Pandemics are often said to be good equalizers, but mainly from the rich. We all experienced the same thing together: old and young, rich and poor, people of all genders.

But no one knows as well as a woman that a pandemic has happened. No Treat us all equally.Women undertook more Childcare and domestic burden..Millions of women Extruded from the labor force.. Key worker— A disproportionate group of women — suffered.

And all of us, under pressure towards an uncertain future, thought: Where should I go from here after making many sacrifices and overcoming many challenges? And if you dare to dream of the next thing, can you afford to make that dream come true? “

To help you, and women everywhere, answer these questions Glamour We’re back in our new season She makes money A podcast from Visa. Every week, through the story of a woman, and with the help of a few financial professionals, look for wise and fun answers to these questions.

Think about your finances can Especially now it’s overwhelming, but you don’t have to. She makes money It aims to get rid of that overwhelming thing and disassemble it through the prism of one woman’s very familiar experience.

This season, customers realized the money problems they faced during the pandemic. In this week’s episode, like many working mothers, she meets a single mother who was told to work from home as her child’s school shifts to virtual learning. And her father also moved. All six episodes contain such a story. Both are extraordinary stories. When It’s normal at the moment.

And in each episode, I talked to experts and got tips on how to survive what I feel financially, like the longest and rainiest rainy day.

when Glamour Release She makes money, Our goal was to talk about money There are few taboos For women. Since the first season, I’ve heard from a woman who has raised emergency funds for the advice she heard on the podcast. A woman who has set foot on investment. And women who are more open about money with friends. I want you to take on more challenges this year. However We invest, but whether it’s an electric car or Disney stock, we invest based on our values. And let’s push the conversation further. Going out for dinner with friends and partners, “What are your financial goals? These are mine.”

Conversations about money are fun and normal for women. But maybe you aren’t there yet. Maybe you’re burnout, overwhelmed, or embarrassed about your financial situation. You don’t have to be. If there was a time to forgive yourself and give yourself new learning opportunities, it is now.

Whatever your position, COVID has probably changed your financial outlook. Not all of us had the same experience during the pandemic. But we are not alone at all.

Check out Episode 1 below — and apply To listen to new episodes every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks.

Samantha Barry is the editor-in-chief Glamour And host She makes money. Follow her on Twitter @samanthabarry, And subscribe She makes money On Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Women’s Finances Are Reeling From the Pandemic. Let’s Talk About How to Change That. Source link Women’s Finances Are Reeling From the Pandemic. Let’s Talk About How to Change That.

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