Women are underrepresented in stroke clinical trials

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A new study shows that women are underestimated in stroke clinical trials compared to the number of people suffering from stroke in the general population. This survey was published in the online version on October 13, 2021. Neurology..

“Make sure you have enough woman of Clinical trial Accurately reflecting the proportion of women suffering from stroke could affect future treatment recommendations for women affected by this serious condition, “said the George Global Health Institute in Sydney, Australia. Research author Cheryl Carcel, MD, said. It is underestimated in clinical trials, limiting the way results are applied to. The general public It may limit access to new treatments. “

Study saw 281 stroke A study with at least 100 participants conducted between 1990 and 2020. The total number of participants was 588,887, of which 37.4% were women. The average prevalence of stroke among women across the country included was 48%.

Results were calculated as a ratio of participation to prevalence. This is a relative measure that weights the proportion of women in the trial compared to the proportion of women in the total population of the disease. This is an easy way to determine if a research project has hired enough women to draw accurate conclusions about the findings. The ratio of 1 is the ratio of women in the study, General population.. The ideal ratio of female participation is between 0.8 and 1.2.

Overall, researchers found that women were represented at a lower rate than the prevalence of women in the underlying population, at a rate of 0.84, which did not change over time. .. They found the biggest difference in the intracerebral hemorrhage test, with a ratio of 0.73. A study in which the average participant is under 70 years and the ratio is 0.81. 0.80 ratio of non-acute interventions; 0.77 ratio of rehabilitation trials.

“Women usually have worse post-stroke functional outcomes and need more supportive care, so our findings show how stroke women may be treated in the future. It has an impact, “Carcel said. “We only achieve a more equitable expression of women. Clinical trial When researchers see barriers that prevent women from enrolling in research and actively hire more women. Those who fund research also need to seek more reliable and sexually balanced evidence. “

The limitation of this study is that it includes only studies registered on the US Government website and does not cover all strokes. trial..

Women, minority groups are still lagging behind in clinical faculty status

Quote: Study: https: // in a female stroke clinical trial (October 13, 2021) obtained on October 13, 2021 Is underestimated

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