Woman with knife disrupts L.A. mayoral campaign launch

One of the first direct events in the 2022 Mayor of Los Angeles elections focused on issues that could enliven the entire race: the homeless.

It ended on Monday when a homeless woman was arrested after pulling out a knife a few feet away from city councilman Joe Buscaino.

Mr. Buscaino trekked from the harbor district to the Venice promenade and from 7:15 am talked about the inhumane sidewalks, parks and beach tents that should be more strongly banned. He talked for 10 minutes while a supporter tired of the homelessness of the community raised a sign and cheered him on.

After speaking, Mr. Buscaino began shaking hands with about 75 to 100 voters, and Venetian resident Nico Ruderman found a defenseless woman standing behind him with a knife.

“She said,’I’m starting to kill people,’ so I jumped forward and grabbed Joe,” Rudderman said.

At that time, two private guards pulled out their guns, grabbed Buscaino and hurried to a nearby black SUV. Police officers immediately detained the woman when she saw the crowd filming on her cell phone. When the woman shouted, “I have a knife for protection and cutting fruit,” a blade of about 6 inches fell into the sand.

On Monday, a woman was arrested on suspicion of being assaulted by a weapon on suspicion of pulling a knife during a campaign for Joe Buskaino city council.

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Riderman and others on the scene gave eyewitness testimony to police officers. Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Colonel Stacy Spell said the suspect had been arrested on suspicion of assault by a weapon. The Los Angeles Police Department did not identify her, but the woman lived on the promenade under the name Angel, according to some people who attended the event.

During the arrest, the LAPD captain was cut, Spell said. “He is stable and receiving treatment,” she added.

Since participating in the race, Buskaino has blamed him for his thoughts on the inefficiencies of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, a city-county agency that coordinates the region’s response to the homeless. He called on the city to divert the money it spends to other homeless measures.

A former Los Angeles Police Department officer, a short distance from the Santa Monica border, which prevents homeless people from camping on beaches and promenades, noticed that tents weren’t lined up on the north-facing beach.

“There is common sense behind me in Santa Monica. It’s nonsense here in Venice,” said Buscaino.

Protesters came out to express dissatisfaction with the tone and mood of Buscaino’s campaign. They set up tables on the promenade and handed out food and hot coffee to people sleeping nearby.

“This is a hateful rally in front of those struggling to survive,” said Jane Nguyen, a member of the homeless support and advocacy group. K Town for All..

Times staff writer Kevin Lector contributed to this report

Woman with knife disrupts L.A. mayoral campaign launch Source link Woman with knife disrupts L.A. mayoral campaign launch

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