Woman arrested in street assault raid at bear spray in Santa Cruz

(KRON) — A woman suspected of using bear spray to attack another driver has been arrested after a street assault in Santa Cruz County.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy identified the Road Rage driver as 32-year-old Sofia Pascasio.

The incident happened earlier this summer on 17th Street in the Live Oak neighborhood. A third driver who witnessed the bear spray attack recorded it on his mobile phone, The video went viral on social media.

Witness videos show the woman driving a gray Toyota Prius, chasing the victim’s vehicle, following him to a red light, jumping out of the vehicle, and darting the bear through the victim’s driver’s side windshield. It is shown to have sprayed. .

The woman yelled at a witness through a closed car window before returning to her Prius.

The sheriff’s deputy launched an investigation and received a call from the public.

The sheriff’s office wrote, “We were able to identify the suspect through someone who viewed the video on social media.”

Pascasio was arrested on felony charges including hit-and-run, assault with a deadly weapon, illegal possession and use of a mace, and violating probation.

https://www.kron4.com/news/california/woman-arrested-in-santa-cruz-bear-spray-road-rage-attack/ Woman arrested in street assault raid at bear spray in Santa Cruz

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