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The Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers made history at the Staples Center on Sunday night.

Each team was playing with one of the two superstars, but the results couldn’t be any more dramatic.

First, the Clippers played against the Dallas Mavericks at 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Forward Kawhi Leonard played against the Denver Nuggets on Christmas day, and teammate Serge Ibaka brought his brutal elbows to his chin.

After the injury, Leonard lay on the ground as a pool of blood formed around him. He didn’t come back out of the game, so he was listed as a daily routine with a laceration in his mouth that required eight needles.

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Kawhi Leonard # 2 of the Los Angeles Clippers is present in Denver, Colorado after being injured against the Denver Nuggets in the fourth quarter at the Ball Arena on December 25, 2020.

Without Leonard, the Clippers would have come out flatter than pancakes at breakfast. The Clippers scored an NBA record of 50 points in half-time, losing 124-73.

“I take full responsibility,” said Paul George after the defeat. “It was a tough game that came from Christmas. I enjoyed Christmas day yesterday, but it was a bit too fast today. By getting ready to play without coming out, I’m perfect. Owned by. “

A few hours later, the Lakers played Minnesota Timberwolves without forward Anthony Davis. It didn’t look crazy as LeBron James and the Lakers routed the T-Wolf 127-91, leading 42 points during the game.

by statisticsThe Mavericks’ 51-point win against the Clippers and the Lakers’ 36-point win against the Timberwolves were the first in NBA history when two games were decided by more than 35 points in the same arena on the same day.

Starting on behalf of Davis, the third-year forward Kyle Kuzuma led the Lakers with 20 points and 9 rebounds. Kuzma hit the court before the match and tackled this three-point shot, with momentum carried over to the start of the game.

Similar to the arcade game NBA Jam, Kuzma lit across the arc and hit the first four three pointers. Kuzma scored all 20 points in the first half.

“We have a lot of firepower aggressively,” Kuzma said of an explosive victory without Davis.

Kuzma said he didn’t shoot in the second half, saying, “I didn’t shoot. I might have shot one or two, but I just tried to shoot what I got in the match and I saw a lot. Open man There were so many of them that I took advantage of them and continued to feed my teammates. “

Kuzma was early on for the Lakers in a way that George and others couldn’t do for the Clippers. Kuzma had two block shots in line with his 14-point first quarter, which helped rebound, assist, and lead the Lakers 40-23.

“Obviously, we have two superstars, and if one of them goes out, we have more opportunities,” Kuzma said after the match. “I just tried to grab that moment, which only allows me to have those nights that can bring to life what I work every day.”

Kuzma’s 14 points surpassed the entire Clippers team in the first quarter of the match against Mavericks. As mentioned earlier, the Clippers scored only 13 points in the first quarter and 14 points in the second quarter, halving 77-27. The biggest deficit in NBA history.

So what was behind the two biased matches at Staples Center on Sunday?

Simply put, travel.

The NBA season is only a few days, and traveling around the country during the COVID-19 era is still relatively new to the NBA team. The 2020-21 season isn’t taking place in a bubble within Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, as it was at the end of the previous season.

Instead, teams need to travel to empty arenas across the country and socially distance themselves by plane, hotel, or team bus.

The Lakers started the season at home on December 22ndnd Since then, I’ve stayed in my house and my bed.

Meanwhile, Timberwolves flew from Minnesota to Utah on Thursday and from Utah to Los Angeles late Saturday night for a second consecutive play. All this happened because Karl-Anthony Towns, an all-star center who dislocated his wrist later in the team’s jazz victory, wasn’t there.

Technically, the Clippers were playing home games on Sunday, but the Clippers also had to travel after flying to Denver on Christmas day for a match against the Nuggets. The team returned early Saturday morning, but the Clippers didn’t get much better due to the early start time, especially because Leonard wasn’t there.

Mavericks didn’t have to travel as recently as the Clippers. Dallas started the season in Phoenix on Wednesday. That night, they made an hour-long flight to Los Angeles and have been staying there ever since. The additional rest and benefits of staying in Los Angeles proved to be beneficial to the Mavericks on Sunday.

It’s interesting to see if these games will continue to be a factor in travel, as the three-month outage due to the March pandemic has compressed the shortening of the NBA season. Most people expect the team to inevitably have to deal with outbreaks and postponed games due to the nationwide surge in cases of COVID-19, but travel continuously. Playing the game can lead to even more biased contests in the foreseeable future.

Without One of Their Superstars, Lakers and Clippers Have Drastically Different Results at Staples Center – NBC Los Angeles Source link Without One of Their Superstars, Lakers and Clippers Have Drastically Different Results at Staples Center – NBC Los Angeles

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