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When California reopens on Tuesday, the Pomona Public Library will reopen for the first time since March 2020. You’ll see many improvements, including new entries, circulation desks, murals, and more.

And there is another change. The library should actually look open, with new shades removed from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the entrance.

The shades also blocked the inside and outside of the view to make the computer screen readable by the circular desk backed up by the window. Was the library open or closed? Sometimes I didn’t know until the automatic door slid open.

“It was terrible. It looked like it was closed,” says Deputy Mayor Mark Gruba, who also serves as the library director. “We lowered it,” he says of the shade, “and everyone was in awe of the view they had lost.”

What I missed was the Pomona Public Library, my favorite civic institution in the city.

Pomona is home to one of the oldest and best libraries in the area. However, in recent years there has been a chronic shortage of funds, moving around in about 30 minutes of a typical library, along what Scott of “Star Trek” calls impulse power.

After recording those hardships, including two failed campaigns Raise taxes and put the library on a stronger foundationI’m happy to say that the library is finally on an upward track.

First, there are physical improvements, $ 376,000 worth, state library grants, donations from the non-profit Pomona Library Foundation, public art dollars, and city funding.

Most notable are the hilarious new entries with so-called luxurious vinyl floors, new glass and paint, sparkling circulation and a reference desk. These are all bright palettes that face regular customers.

“The overall idea is to make the library a more accessible place,” says Foundation President Duane Smith.

Not only are soft furniture coming for entry, but also monitors that can broadcast programming. Due to supply chain issues, none of them were in time. The same is true for brand new computers for computer labs. But the mural is here.

Athena Hahn’s “Sun, Moon, Stars, and Everything” enlivens the former bare walls of the children’s room. It was installed in July last year, but has not yet been seen by the general public. The panorama depicts children playing with the spine of a book. Most are real patrons of the library that Hahn has incorporated into the scene.

When I visited the tour last Wednesday, Crystal Orosco, the librarian of the crow-stricken and tattooed children, was excited about the reopening.

“I can’t wait to see all these little patrons coming back,” says Orosco. Orosco’s desk has a nameplate labeled Head Wizard, known as Miss Crystal in a pint-sized set.

Storytime will return to late June and the summer reading program will return to July. Both can be done outdoors in the shade of a tree.

The closure of the library allowed the construction to be carried out unimpeded this spring. Gruba states that the planned opening of the store in early June has been postponed to June 15. End of most state-wide restrictions — To avoid installing plastic barriers and spaced seats.

for Coronavirus, The facility was completely closed last spring and early summer. Meanwhile, at an unusual time, characteristic of a vulnerable city, Pomona hired a new library service manager, essentially a library director, in the midst of a pandemic.

“I clearly remember the conversation she said,’Do you want me to come yet?’” Gurba says. “I said,’We still want you to come, not just you.'”

The first day of Anita Torres was July 6th. There was no one in the library. She met the staff through Zoom.

Some staff were called back in August. The library has launched PPL To-Go, which allows patrons to book and receive books. (To show my support I was the first.. ) A new library bin has been installed to accept other media such as DVDs and audiobooks, allowing you to distribute more material. The service was so popular that it doubled its service time.

The story time program was effectively presented. Laptops and internet hotspots were rented to help students. The scarce digital services of libraries have been strengthened by switching providers, and digital library cards have been enacted.

“The library is very relevant, even though you might hear it on the street,” says Torres.

Surprise service caught: Print.

“Printing has proved to be one of the greatest needs we have met. People will email us their printing jobs. Job applications, rental applications, COVID test results, I got everything from taxes to school homework, “says Torres.

A patron seeking a food handling license had the library print a series of documents over time: protocols, research guides, test results. “We were basically traveling with her,” says Torres. “She sent us an email in all capital letters:” I passed! “She asked us to print her certificate so that she could apply for her job. “

41-year-old Torres has worked in libraries in Burbank and Carabasas. “I feel there are many opportunities to make a difference here,” she says of Pomona.

Two long-time staff members, Debra Acosta and Yolanda Messiah, have retired (best for both). With a slight increase in the $ 1.1 million budget, the library can increase staff and service hours from 29 hours a week to 34 hours in August.

With reopening, Pomona Public Library is back in circulation – Daily Bulletin Source link With reopening, Pomona Public Library is back in circulation – Daily Bulletin

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