‘Willy’s Wonderland’ review: Not enough Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage continues the recent trend of lending his name and Gonzo to filmmakers in a genre that wants to be a little weird in the horror comedy Willy’s Wonderland. The ideal of the cage is fine. His taste is a little doubtful.

Director Kevin Louis, GO Parsons (Screenplay) cage “Willy’s Wonderland,” which is reportedly on the popular, unproduced horror screenplay “Bloodlist,” is blatantly designed to be a cult film. But it’s never as eccentric as it needs to be. The movie has crappy assumptions and game stars, but it quickly lacks fresh ideas.

Cage silently plays an unnamed stranger stuck in a small town in Nevada when a local sneaked a car. To cover the cost of sudden repairs, he does the job of cleaning an abandoned family pizzeria.While polishing old arcade games and playing a lot of pinball, the “Janitor” Chuck E. Cheese-Like an animatronic entertainer in a restaurant, you’re obsessed with murderers.

The simplest and best “Willy’s Wonderland” is about a mysterious tough guy fighting a goofy looking robot. This photo is funny and ridiculous as long as the cage silently covers the mechanical humanoid bears and birds. But Lewis and Person hedge their bets and, along with a dubious cop who knows the dark secrets of this place, add a bunch of unconventional youth who tried to throw the restaurant into the trash. ..

Building the world of “Willy’s Wonderland” spreads much of its originality. Much of this movie is a relatively routine “children in a haunted house” thriller, and it’s only worth noting how stupid the adversary is. And that’s a shame. That’s because a more entertaining live-action Nicolas Cage cartoon is happening nearby while the bland character is being afflicted by the automaton.

“Willy’s Wonderland”


Execution time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Playback: Available on VOD

‘Willy’s Wonderland’ review: Not enough Nicolas Cage Source link ‘Willy’s Wonderland’ review: Not enough Nicolas Cage

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