Will commercial jets break the sound barrier once again?

FOr 27 years The charm of Concorde’s typical jet setting. Still, its elegant delta wings heard the deafening sound of a thirsty military engine. Champagne was served in a narrow cabin with small seats. Cruising at twice the speed of sound, which is about half the time across the Atlantic, cost twice as much as a regular business class fare. After the fatal accident in 2000 and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the believers wept after the farewell flight in 2003. Most business travelers shrugged.

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“Resume where Concorde was interrupted” is a way Boom Supersonic CEO Blake Scholl describes the jet Overture 1 being developed by an American startup. It propels up to 88 passengers 1.7 times faster than sound, while avoiding the drawbacks of Concorde. This is attractive to United Airlines. On June 3rd, we agreed to purchase 15 aircraft and another 35 aircraft. JAL Virgin Atlantic has the option to get 30 between them. Scholl promises that supersonic fares, once used only by the very wealthy, will now benefit “everyone,” or at least those who can afford to fly the business on the same route. .. Better aerodynamics, materials and engines aim to keep operating costs 75% lower than Concorde. Private engines propel the aircraft relatively quietly and use sustainable fuels to avoid criticism from environmentalists. The cabin mockup looks properly luxurious.

UBSBanks believe that supersonic travel has a future. It puts the cumulative size of the market between $ 80 billion and $ 280 billion by 2040, depending on regulatory hurdles and whether the plane is delivered on time, on budget and working as promised. .. Scholl looks at the upper bounds of that range, the $ 200 million each and the potential market for 1,200 Overture 1. Then he wants to make ever-growing crafts that offer lower fares and faster speeds. Another American company with supersonic ambitions, Spike, is developing an 18-seat business jet that won’t cause a big boom.

Is this pie empty? The commitment that the distant warning was cast on is a good propaganda when United and the boom are asking for more money. It is unlikely that much cash is still in hand. Overture 1 is not scheduled to be commissioned until 2029. Another company, Aerion, which wanted to manufacture an 8- to 10-seat business jet, anticipates in May, despite orders over $ 11 billion and support from the giant American plane maker Boeing. It was folded without.

Domestic regulations banning supersonic speeds on land exclude travel across North America, home to many business travelers and most business jets in the world. Bank Morgan Stanley believes that it’s $ 120 million, twice the price of a similar subsonic plane, and that even the ultra-rich will not pay to save four hours from a transatlantic trip. I will. Needless to say, Boeing itself has no plans to become supersonic. Also, there is no European rival Airbus (who was involved in the Concorde project). For the duopoly of jet airliners, we believe that cheap and clean flight is more important than speed. Breaking the sound barrier is still a bit far for a normal Panther. ■■

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Will commercial jets break the sound barrier once again? Source link Will commercial jets break the sound barrier once again?

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