Why unions support vaccination but not employer mandates

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The American union movement is President Joe Biden’s suggestion For companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate their employees against COVID-19.

Something as the number of employers requiring COVID-19 vaccination increases Similar playout In Australia?

apart from Promote compulsory labor vaccination By some Union member, Australian trade Union The movements were remarkably organized by opposition Employer Obligation.

Four interlocking principles support this position. they are:

  • High vaccination rate It should be achieved through encouragement and promotion, not the employer’s obligations
  • Obligations should be carried out through public authorities, if strictly required health Orde
  • You need to ensure effective access to the vaccine
  • Workers’ voices should be respected.

Encourage, promote and do not coerce

so Joint statement The Australian Council of Trade Unions opposes employer obligations, and the Australian Council of Trade Unions states:[…] For the overwhelming majority of Australians, your job or workplace should not radically change the voluntary nature of vaccination. “

The emphasis on this choice is International Labor Standards for Workplace Immunity not only, Federal policy COVID-19 vaccination is free and voluntary.

We are also aware of the invasive nature of vaccination and the fact that employer obligations are compulsory. In some cases, this means endangering the work and livelihood of workers.

But that does not mean that you are an agnostic about vaccination.On the contrary, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus Admitted High immunization rates are needed to avoid workplace and community safety and blockades.

ACTU recently National vaccination campaign To encourage workers to be vaccinated. It also advocates effective access to vaccination (including paid). vaccination Leave).

This approach is consistent with the World Health Organization, which does not support vaccine obligations. Instead, WHO Insist The focus is on information campaigns and making vaccines accessible.

Encouragement and promotion does not guarantee that workers will be 100% vaccinated (in the short term). However, they may have lasting public health benefits over forcing vaccination.

Discussing and encouraging vaccination is effective in overcoming vaccination hesitation. for example, Health sector union meeting Many initially silent members have decided to be vaccinated.

The ACTU focuses on “uniting” people and deferring vaccination, emphasizing how important vaccination is. “Act of solidarity”, I will touch on something very important.both Pope Francis And that WHO Director-General The pandemic emphasizes that solidarity (thinking from a community perspective) is essential.

Limited obligations under public health orders

The BCA-ACTU statement tells the government that “when mandatory immunization requirements are needed (in a few high-risk areas), they will be implemented using nationally consistent public health orders. I am asking for that.

As the statement acknowledges, mandatory vaccination includes “significant decisions that should not be left to individual employers.”Decision to limit Basic rights It is best done through an accountable public agency rather than a private sector motivated by commercial considerations.

Public health orders were also informed of such decisions by expert advice and had the opportunity to be heard by various stakeholders (as employer groups and unions had in the deployment of federal vaccines). Gives the trust of the community.

Effective access to vaccines

The main focus of the union is on the supply of vaccines, especially as it is difficult to annoy the deployment of vaccines. Frontline healthcare professionals.. ACTU and Nursing and Health Sector Unions Highlighting Employer inequity is obligatory when there is an acute vaccine supply problem, such as elderly care or workers with disabilities.

The union requires all workers to be given paid leave (to get vaccinated and recover from their side effects). This does not discourage workers from being vaccinated due to lost wages. This is especially important for people with low wages and precarious work, including temporary employees who do not pay annual leave or sick leave.

Give a voice to workers

Like ACTU shipping, Manufacturing When Higher education The union claims that workers will be consulted on their employer’s vaccination policy.

At stake is the basic principle of worker voice. This principle is essential to the rights of workers. Philadelphia Declaration of 1944 by International Trade Unions, “Pursuing both their material well-being and their spiritual development in the conditions of freedom and dignity.”

Workers’ voices are also central to workplace health and safety legislation and require discussions with workers and trade unions on employer immunization policies. The underlying insight is that worker education and empowerment are the keys to workplace safety.

to respect worker Voice is also essential to a joint approach to vaccination in the workplace. Federal government And that Fairwork ombudsman..As the International Labor Organization points out, such cooperation helps build A climate of trust Essential for the unprecedented workplace coordination that occurs in a pandemic.

Union opposition to employer-mandated vaccinations public health At its core, with respect for physical independence, worker rights, justice and democracy.

You may find that this approach is more foresight than your employer’s obligations.

The largest teachers union in the United States supports mandatory COVID vaccination

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