Why overturning Roe v. Wade won’t change abortion laws in California

KERO-TV – U.S. Supreme Court v. Roe v. Wade announced his decision to cancel on Friday, essentially eliminating the right to abortion at the federal level.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to see changes here at home.

“I think it’s clear that California will not pass a law restricting access to abortion care or reproductive rights,” said political analyst Ivy Cargile.

It’s the other way around, really. Right now in California, the right to abortion is guaranteed in the statutes and the state constitution.

If the fetus cannot survive outside the womb, a pregnant person may have an abortion for any reason. When a fetus survives outside the womb, a person can have an abortion if the continuation of the pregnancy could endanger their life or health.

The cost of abortion is covered by Medi-Cal’s lower-income Californians, and private insurance is needed to cover that.

Waiting and parental consent are not required, and although medical professionals may refuse to perform an abortion, the patient may request another provider.

Only non-profit hospitals and clinics can have general bans, and it doesn’t stop there.

Cargil said Gov. Gavin Newsom is currently working with state legislatures to create better infrastructure when it comes to introducing abortions in California.

“So that the people of this state, as well as those from other more restrictive states, have the access they need, [California] yes [trying] to make it one of those states that is accessible to all those who need access to this vital health care, ”he said.

In 1969, Roe v. Four years before Wade, he recognized California’s right to choose to reproduce under the state constitution. It was amended to include explicit protection of privacy, which has been interpreted as protecting the right to abortion.

After the Supreme Court draft opinion poll in May, Governor Newsom announced SCA 10which would make abortion explicit and a fundamental right under the state constitution.

The amendment requires a 2/3 majority vote by June 30 to be put to a vote by both the Senate and the Assembly in November 2022.

“The laws here will protect the rights of reproduction, the freedom of reproduction. We have taken into account that people will travel through this country from 25, 26 or 26 states to states that will move in a completely different direction, and we are looking at ways to accept this inevitability and our protections. to study ways to spread it legally and otherwise, ”Newsom said at a previous news conference.

Meanwhile, in January, Congressman Kevin McCarthy released a statement in part:

America was created in a proposal that says all men are equal. Not born the same. Created the same. Unborn children deserve the same protection under the law. [Our] the work is far away, but we will always fight to save as many children as possible. ”

The California Women’s Legislature has also introduced a 13-bill package to make abortion even more affordable, while further protecting the rights of patients and providers.

“It simply came to our notice then [that] people will be taken care of in the state, ”Cargil said.

Cargil said we need to know more about whether these bills will be passed by the fall.

Meanwhile, 2022-2023 State Budget Proposals the legislature and the Newsom government are currently negotiating more than $ 125 million for a range of reproductive health allocations.

“The executive branch and the state legislature are working together to ensure that there is more funding than has been allocated in the past to ensure that existing clinics have all the resources they need,” Cargil said.

From 2023, all abortion-related services in California will be free. A new law the insurance company prohibits the imposition of deductibles, co-payments or other costs on a person requesting an abortion.

According to Cargile, this decision will shape the way some politicians campaign for the November election and may change voters’ views on key positions.

23ABC will continue to offer coverage as November approaches.

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Why overturning Roe v. Wade won’t change abortion laws in California Source link Why overturning Roe v. Wade won’t change abortion laws in California

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