Why millions of Americans are quitting their jobs

Commerce City, Colorado — A pandemic has left many Americans out of work. From more flexible schedules to remote work opportunities and improved work-life balance, many employees take advantage of this uncertain time to quit their unpassionate jobs.

Roxanne Pagibigan was one of those workers. She emigrated from the Philippines to the United States for a better family life. When the pandemic broke out, she was preparing a meal at the superstore.

“We were making ready-to-eat foods such as macaroni and cheese and salads,” said Pagibigan. “When the pandemic happened, I was scared, so I resigned.”

Then she did the job of packing the boxes in the warehouse, hoping to be safer, but there she found another challenge.

“Every day, working in the warehouse is very tiring,” said Pagibigan. “That’s why I felt like I wanted something more fulfilling, especially now that my child is growing up. I want to be able to offer him more.”

She knew that a better paid job meant going back to school, so she saved up and started taking coding classes after working with her. Dojo coding..

“I was immediately interested in what they were offering,” said Pagibigan. “I will get more money, and I will never work in a warehouse.”

The course will take several months to complete. Students can take part-time or full-time courses. Classes are not free, but Coding Dojo works with all students to plan payments and make them available to anyone who wants to take these classes.

“We’re here for people who want to change their careers to focus on investing in three to six months, from their current job to a higher-reasoning technical job. To enable a complete migration, said Richard Wang, CEO and co-founder of Coding Dojo.

He said coding bootcamps became very popular during the pandemic. This is because more and more workers are interested in careers with more upward mobility than ever before.

“Our mission is to transform our lives through digital literacy. We will continue to target people with no technology background in all these new economy technologies for web development, cybersecurity, data science and UIUX. We will focus on training in the field. A domain for quality jobs in the current employment market, “Wang said.

After finishing the coding bootcamp, Pagibigan did what millions of Americans did this year. She quit.

“I had so many questions about myself,” said Pagibigan. “But when the recruiter contacted me, I was like” wow “. “

She soon got a job as a software engineer. Now she is challenging the brain, not the body.

“I’m moving my career forward and I’m a little scared of what the future holds, but I have hope and I know I can do it,” she said.

Pagibigan quit for personal safety and better employment security, and she is not alone.

Just in August, 4.3 million Americans (2.9% of the total workforce) quit their jobs. This is the highest number ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in a month.

Melanie Feldman Established job coaching platform Where to go.. She said the pandemic created a list of reasons for this wave of resignations.

“Many people have moved from where they used to be, and now many companies are obliged to return,” Feldman said. “I’ve seen many people quit because they don’t want to go back to the city.”

She also found that mental health played a bigger role in choosing a job than ever before.

“The pandemic caused a lot of stress,” Feldman said. “Many people can prioritize themselves and say,’I need to quit and then find something that suits me.'” “

Ulrique Marmendie He is a professor of finance at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. She has been studying how changes in the economy can change our way of thinking.

“In the pandemic context, we hope that the experience of job stability and the way we work at that time will change our attitude towards work in these areas in the long run,” she said.

She said inflation, stock market downturns, and other economic shocks forced people to personally reassess their priorities. She said at this moment that workers had a lot of power in their hands, but that power might not last.

“The staff aren’t coming back, so I want to work exactly as before. I think there’s a power shift. How long will this last? Well, you need to be careful, right? At some point The savings will be exhausted. Since it was in the early stages of the pandemic, the government will not send any additional checks, so the employer may be able to regain power and move forward to reestablish the previous situation. I don’t know, “Malmendie said. I’m dealing with different people. “

For Pagibigan, this uncertain period gave her the courage to change not only her life but also the life of her family.

“It’s an American dream. This is a dream come true for me because my mom is really old and my brother is blind so I can make more money to help my family,” she said. ..

Pagibigan also hopes that her son will not be afraid to start a new chapter, seeing the lessons learned about work during the pandemic.

“I’m working hard. I’m working hard for him. I feel very lucky. I’m grateful to be doing this job right now.”

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Why millions of Americans are quitting their jobs Source link Why millions of Americans are quitting their jobs

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