Why is the housing in Dubai lucrative to buy?

The interest in Arab real estate among CIS citizens is growing every year: according to analytical services, the Emirates is in the top 20 countries which buyers from the CIS countries are interested in. For some, buying a home in the Emirates becomes an opportunity to leave the cold climate, while others want to improve the quality of life. There are also many for whom villas in United Arab Emirates is an opportunity to earn money. Read about all the goals of buyers in our material.

To build a career

According to Emirates.Estate, a large category of emigrants who choose the UAE to move, in order to find a better place to live, find an opportunity to get a good job and deserve career growth. As a starting point, such residents buy or live in rented middle-class housing.

By the way, the state itself is open to good specialists: certain categories, including the IT sector and medical workers, may even count on perquisites, for example, obtaining a golden visa. In order to obtain such a residence permit, it is necessary to demonstrate to the state that you are a particularly valuable specialist and can become a useful citizen of a developing country.

If you work as a freelancer, this is also welcomed in the UAE. The state welcomes “digital nomads” who have high and stable income and can afford to work  from any part of the world.

Another job-related opportunity is to start a business: a significant contribution to the country’s economy makes an entrepreneur a valuable resident of the United Arab Emirates.

Rental income

But not everyone wants to buy a home in the UAE and move to the country of eternal summer. The opportunity to buy an apartment here, rent it out, and live elsewhere with the money received seems to be more attractive for some people. However, it is not uncommon for an investor to acquire several housing options: for rent, for himself, for relatives, and so on.

Diversification of capital

Investors who orient towards long-term investments acquire high-status properties in expensive residential complexes. Wealthy buyers are attracted by the country’s favorable investment climate, loyalty to taxation and the prospect of housing value increase along with the growth of the market.

Some assurance that growth will take place can be found in the recently adopted Urban Master Plan 2040 for Dubai. It assumes intensive construction and investments worth a billion dollars, so that the objects value increase happens.

Assistance in the selection of real estate in the UAE

Whatever the reason for the move is, it is better to entrust the search for housing in Dubai to experienced professionals. So you will be sure that the most advantageous offer from the best available will be found for you, your parameters will be taken into account, and the reality will meet all your expectations.

Don’t wait for better days – start your searching for housing in Dubai today!


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