Why can’t babies drink cow’s milk?

Babies under 12 months should drink either human breast milk or formula — not cow’s milk, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. So is cow’s milk dangerous for the little ones?

Breast milk is made specifically for human babies, while cow’s milk is really meant for calves, said Dr. Jae Kim, director of the department of neonatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, told Live Science. As such, contains cow’s milk proteins which are difficult for babies to digest, and lack important vitamins and minerals like iron that babies need to develop. Although infant formula is made from cow’s milk, manufacturers remove and alter the proteins before adding them back to the formula along with other essential ingredients. “The final formula is very different from the milk you receive,” Kim said.

Why can’t babies drink cow’s milk? Source link Why can’t babies drink cow’s milk?

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