Why are most Online Casinos Licensed in Malta?

Thanks to its irresistible tax system, Malta is at the centre stage of online casino licensing in Europe and the world. The country is in Sicily south. Malta is the home to most gambling sites commanding up to 12% of GDP, creating employment for 6,150 individuals as the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) states.

Due to the conducive environment for casinos from the Malta government, the majority of the casinos have set office in the country. This, as a result, has created employment opportunities in Malta, making it an attractive destination for online casinos to set up operations in Malta, especially from countries that have stringent regulations. Let’s see why most casinos are licensed in Malta without further ado.

Why Most Online Casinos are Malta Licensed

Land-based casinos are located in specific countries, unlike their online counterparts which

operate from an international platform. Governments find it hard to regulate and manage the online gambling industry because they can’t cross borders to impose laws on foreigners.

All countries across the globe have authorities that manage gambling institutions by applying varying laws towards taxation and safeguarding players from fraudsters. The online platform creates a vacuum for laws, hence identifying a place favouring their business. To see some of the best online casinos, go to  online-kaszinó.com anytime. You are ready to become part of the gambling community.

Although Malta is a small country, many gaming operators, casinos, bookies, and poker rooms choose it as their headquarter hence getting an MGA license. Getting a license for gambling sites from Malta is an uphill task.

It is regarded as one of the strictest authority bodies. However, operators still opt to abide by its terms and conditions because a license from them projects an image of trust that convinces more players to sign up.

Malta has Sound, predictable Laws.

A business needs sound rules that are easy to implement and flexible enough to make profits and propel the business to new heights. Operators are happy to operate from a place where rules are stable and considerate.

Without often changing, it becomes almost impossible to keep up. Operators find it difficult to adapt to new rules or stay afloat if laws are unstable, explaining why Malta has attracted many operators in this competitive industry.

Although the MGA body has stringent laws, it provides a defined layout to work with locally and internationally. Anytime changes in governing laws, Malta creates a platform to discuss the changes with concerned parties before implementation, but the changes do not happen often.

Low Fees for Operators

MGA charges and taxes are reasonable compared to other licensing bodies, with its main focus being online gaming. The country is on a Mediterranean island and a huge tourist attraction with fewer restrictions, opening the market for more operators to provide gambling services.

Australian and UK gambling commissions have strict practices and controversy with other licensing networks that allegedly don’t pay their players. Malta capitalised on these malpractices and won players trust; hence more of them prefer casinos governed by MGA.

Operators who don’t adhere to MGA’s regulations risks a suspension ban, leading to a push out of business, a move that would harm players’ interests that they hold so high. It is in the best interest for operators with a Maltese license to mind and treat players well without harming them.

A player with evident grievances from a casino bearing the Maltese license can appeal if the casino and player in question cannot compromise or come to an understanding. Once a complaint is made, an investigation follows to determine if the allegations brought forward by the player hold water concerning the set rules and regulations provided by MGA.


The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is an energetic licensing body that quickly took Europe by storm in the gambling Industry. A casino that displays a Maltese license is seen as trustworthy because the body is credible to players, instilling confidence. Operators with a Maltese license must adhere to the benefit of all aficionados.

Strict regulations by the MGA body helps achieve the set mission: competence, fairness to game players and rules against money laundering, corruption, and gambling crimes. They also safeguard minors and players from exploitation and gambling addictions by advocating for responsible betting practices.


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