Why are most Betting Sites Licensed in Malta?

Malta is a hot Mediterranean island south of Sicily that is home to many online betting companies worldwide. The U.K. imposed a tax levy on all internet betting activities to increase revenue for Malta’s smallest European Union, with 500,000 citizens. The tiny state is known for tourism, spoken languages are Italian, English, Maltese, but now it is a hotbed for the betting companies.

Despite the small state, its economy is thriving from tourism and general gambling. Malta is the headquarters of over 300 gambling companies, with the government granting a further 200 licenses to international gambling operators.

The industry is growing every new day, creating employment for locals, attracting international investors, and contributing over $1.5 billion to the nation’s economy.

Why Most Betting sites are Licensed in Malta

The regulatory framework in Malta is the number one reason behind the attraction for many betting sites since it protects both operators and players. Getting a betting license in Europe takes time as there are many strict rules to adhere to, but the opposite is true in Malta.

This does not mean that Malta is not strict or does not vet new companies as any new company must prove they are fit in all legal capacities. Here are some sites at  onlinesportfogadás.com that have been vetted. Tax levies in the country also contribute a lot to the betting business as it is much cheaper than in the European Union, where the same is taxed at top rates.

Comparing Maltese regulations to other European locations, Malta’s are consistent and do not change often. Moving to Malta is easy thanks to its location, the living standards are high, healthcare and education opportunities also make it an ideal place for a growing family. Malta has many immigrants from Britain, Germany, Italy, Greece, and they make up 5% of the general population

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Malta Gaming Authority was founded in 2001 with the primary purpose to govern the gambling industry. Sportsbooks and casino operators must pass stringent checks to get a license under this body. MGA is a trusted body among players and betting companies because it prioritises player rights and swiftly sanctions any operators with suspicious activities.

For example, if a bookie goes bankrupt, the expected result is that players lose their money, but MGA takes charge to ensure this is not the case. The organisation is highly credible, and players have much confidence in any betting company displaying an MGA license in Malta or beyond their borders.

Low Betting taxes

Betting events are taxed just like operation licenses, and the amount depends on the game variety and the type of license the operator holds. Operators are exposed to two tax levies: corporate tax, which is 35% of gross profits, and gaming tax which is 5% of gross revenue.

Cheaper licensing fees

The licensing fees in Malta are way cheaper than in other jurisdictions, with a B2C license costing a fixed amount of €25,000 annually, while a B2B license charge ranges between €25,000 to €35,000. This amount depends on the operator’s annual income, and those providing Type 4 games have discount rates.

Geographical Location

Malta’s location is the main attraction for tourists, the number one trade, and it joined the European Union in 2014. The betting market is growing rapidly with the influence of tourist betting, and locals warming up to the events has fueled its prosperity. Any Malta-licensed company can provide betting services to any member of the EU.

The Country is an IT Expert

The strict laws enforced by MGA on money laundering have complimented the country’s economy and political stability. Players are well-guarded from exploitation by unscrupulous operators and genuine operators too. Malta has excellent technological structures that rank at the top in e-government IT services and 100% online availability for players worldwide.


Hence, regulating online operators for Malta is a cup of coffee, and it also explains why companies settle for MGA licensing.


Hopefully, the question of why most betting sites are licensed in Malta is no longer lingering in your mind. Malta is a fantastic tourism destination with lower taxes than its European Union counterparts, and it is a haven for new investment opportunities. Betting operators are taxed less, getting a betting license is easier in Malta, and their betting laws don’t change often.

The country is also a top-notch provider of technology infrastructure, attracting individual immigrants and other countries. Malta is a small country with a population of half a million, but its size is reciprocated in significant business ventures the world needs badly.

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