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The battle for federal debt caps, which is currently being fought by senior government officials and parliamentarians, is yet another example of the recent prevailing political stance.

On the one hand, some Democrats believe that no matter how much debt Uncle Sam builds up, the debt cap needs to be raised automatically or removed altogether and should be done with Republican support. increase.

On the contrary, there are Republicans. Republicans sometimes remember opposition to big government spending, especially when they are in the minority when they need to raise their debt caps.

Consider that Senate leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, opposes Republicans by saying they will fund the government until December and will not vote on bills that include a suspension of debt caps. .. He accuses the federal government of wanting to shut down and default.

Don’t be fooled by it. Yes, the default is bad — that’s why no one wants it.

Thankfully, there is a difference between refusing to raise the debt cap and defaulting. Moreover, as Brian Reedle of the Manhattan Institute reminds us, the Democrats now hold the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, and without the Republicans, they could raise their debt caps alone. must.

All they had to do was “include debt restriction instructions in one of the two budget resolutions passed this year,” and “Washington’s borrowing power over a settlement bill that is not subject to filibuster.” I was able to increase it. Therefore, only 50 Democratic votes can pass the Senate. “

Still, they probably didn’t, so their members wouldn’t have to vote to approve all the spending and borrowing they approved. But now they want to drag Republicans into turmoil and get political cover to raise debt caps or hold the GOP responsible for a government shutdown.

By the way, Republicans are undoubtedly resentful of the $ 3.5 trillion spending bill that the Democrats are pushing for a settlement, but most of them are unpaid. And already a huge deficit. Republicans argue that blocking this level of spending is another reason to oppose raising debt caps.

Democrats correctly argue that not raising debt caps immediately is costly, but passing this astronomical spending is also costly. That’s not so obvious, as most of the costs will be realized in the next few years. But that doesn’t make it so immoral.

So in 2011, I preferred to use the debt cap as a pressure point to elicit some eligibility reforms. The political environment at that time was completely different. Most Republicans seemed to agree with the idea that some financial responsibility was wise, as did many Americans who overused the theme of the 2010 midterm elections.

However, the strategy failed because only weak spending caps, which were repeatedly raised when Republicans and Democrats hampered their insatiable thirst for spending, were obtained.

This is not an argument for giving up or removing the debt cap. But it is arguable to remind readers that these battles would not have been possible without the numerous expansions of qualifications approved by past parliaments and governments (programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security). is. These provisions are affecting us today and will continue to affect us in the future as long as both sides refuse to implement the reforms.

Democrats have long said they wouldn’t do it. But Republicans who are dissatisfied with President Joe Biden’s spending are also part of the problem. See what happened when the Republicans were in power.

Former President George W. Bush oversaw the creation of Medicare Apartment D. Under former President Donald Trump, the Republicans refused to touch social security and Medicare and accepted the creation of a federal paid leave program and its equivalent basic income for children. .. It cannot be denied that the Republican Party is also part of our financial problem.

Who’s really at blame if the government defaults? – Press Telegram Source link Who’s really at blame if the government defaults? – Press Telegram

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