Who is TikToker Christian Walker?

CONSERVATIVE influencer, Christian Walker, is known for his rant-like TikToks.

The 22-year-old internet personality is also the son of a former NFL player, Herschel Walker.


The son of Herschel Walker, Christian WalkerCredit: TikTok / Christian Walker

Who is TikToker Christian Walker?

Christian Walker, 22, was born on September 30, 1999, in Dallas, Texas.

He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and was a competitive high school cheerleader.

He is known for being a conservative, social media influencer and the son of footballer who became a politician, Herschel Walker, 60.

According to his Twitter bio, he considers himself an “acquittal radical.”

What are some of Christian Walker’s beliefs?

Walker is an open supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Back in 2020, Walker attended and led a Gays for Trump March in West Hollywood, California, where he was spotted with a bullhorn, which encouraged the audience, according to Los Angeles Blade.

“Trump is the only president who went into office as a pro-gay. He is the only president who has supported gay marriage since the beginning of his presidency. He even supported it in the ’80s, so everyone who.” t that says is clearly not up to par and needs to do some more research, “Walker said.

In the past, he has also supported the idea of ​​building a wall between the United States-Mexico border.

In January 2021, he tweeted: “Biden Stops Building the Wall That Protects American Citizens Just as They Finish Building Its New Walls in DC”

What did Christian Walker say about his sexuality?

On May 31, 2022, Walker took to Twitter to clarify his sexual identity:

“Pride month begins, so I want to announce to everyone that I’m NOT gay. I’m attracted to men, but I refuse to identify with the rainbow cult,” he said. wrote.

“I do not believe in indoctrinating children. My whole identity is not my sexuality. And I do not go to gay bars. Do not call me gay.”

Former President Donald Trump elbow bumps former NFL footballer Herschel Walker


Former President Donald Trump elbow bumps former NFL footballer Herschel WalkerCredit: EPA

How many followers does Walker have on social media?

Walker has more than 260k followers on Twitter and more than 490k followers on Instagram.

However, the 22-year-old is known for his rant-like TikToks and has more than 132k followers on the social media platform.

Walker also has his own podcast, UNANCELLABLE, which he describes as an “anti-woke podcast.”

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