White House rejects U.S. vaccine passports, skirting uproar

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the US government would not issue so-called vaccine passports after Texas tried to limit development due to privacy concerns.

“The government doesn’t currently support a system that requires Americans to carry their credentials,” Pusaki told reporters at the White House on Tuesday. “There is no federal immunization database, and there is no federal obligation to require everyone to have a single vaccination credential.”

The government wants to protect the privacy of Americans and doesn’t want vaccine passports to be “unfairly used by people,” Pusaki said.

Some companies and universities will show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination as a safe way to resume pre-pandemic activities, for example, before boarding a cruise ship, before entering the stadium, or before returning to campus. I’m asking people.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, for example, plans to resume cruises from US ports on July 4, requiring guest and crew vaccinations, the company said.

Brown University and Northeastern University will join the university group on Tuesday, requiring students to be vaccinated with COVID-19 to return to campus in the fall.

Vaccine passports are usually thought of as a smartphone app that indicates that the owner has been vaccinated against COVID-19, facilitating access to services such as travel and restaurants. The White House has previously stated that such efforts should be led by the private and non-profit sectors.

Some states say They do not promote such requirements..

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott issued an order on Tuesday banning state agencies and publicly funded organizations from demanding vaccine passports.

This effort follows a similar ban on the type of Excelsior Pass established in New York by Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, where residents are vaccinated with COVID-19 or corona before entering the concert venue or stadium. You can confirm that the virus test result is negative.

Mr Saki said the administration will provide guidance that “provides important answers to questions that Americans will soon have, especially regarding privacy, security and discrimination concerns.”

There is intense debate on this issue in the UK and other countries. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heading to battle with MPs over plans to introduce a vaccine passport as part of the opening of services.

In that country, so-called COVID status certificates (based on proof of vaccine, negative tests or immunity to those who have recovered from coronavirus infection) will ultimately require audience testing and passenger testing at live events. It may disappear. International travel under government plans.

White House rejects U.S. vaccine passports, skirting uproar Source link White House rejects U.S. vaccine passports, skirting uproar

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