Which Gifts Do Californians Shop For Most?

California is the most populous state of the USA and is famous for its sunshine climate, beautiful beaches, and laid-back living. It’s also home to the entertainment industry, the tech community, and the surfing contingent, as well as being host to wealthy valley neighborhoods, farming families, and perfectly manicured celebrities.

With this in mind, we take a look below at the most popular gifts across the board when it comes to the shopping habits of Californians right now.

Personalized Name Necklaces

Currently trending in the state’s gift stakes are name necklaces. These personalized pieces of jewelry make for the perfect present as they’re suitable for any age and all occasions. There is a vast choice of styles available to suit the look of the intended recipient: choose elegant silver or rose gold or opt for a beadwork name necklace for a boho twist. You could also consider having a pendant necklace engraved with the name of your loved one, using just their initials, or having a personalized necklace made that incorporates two or more names.

Gourmet Food Hampers

While it’s true that Californians are known for their love of hamburgers, there’s also a deep appreciation of gourmet, artisan food, and gastro hampers are very popular gifts in the state right now. Options include hampers containing California-made jams, olive oils, and dipping sauces; specialty Champagne mustard, gourmet peanut butter candy and simmer sauces; and drinks hampers with tea drops, organic espresso, and chai spices. This gift not only looks beautiful but tastes it, too.

Earthquake Kit

Representing the practical contingent, as well as being perfect for that friend who considers themselves to be a survival expert, earthquake survival packs are a hot gift ticket in California. A typical pack might contain three days’ worth of survival items, such as energy bars, water pouches, water purification tablets, flashlight, sleeping bag, rope, hygiene kit, and much more. As California is sat on fault lines and regularly experiences earthquakes, the popularity of this kit may not be surprising.

Surfing Gifts

Surfing is perhaps the state sport of California and is represented in the populace’s gifting habits. Popular presents include premium board waxes, surfboard bags, wetsuit gloves, and puffy blankets. And for those really wanting to splash out, buying a new or wannabe surfer an experience day to help them get started is a great option.

Tempting for Techies

California is known for being the home of a multitude of world-class tech companies, and the tech contingent here is a strong one! It’s no surprise, then, to discover that some of the biggest selling gifts of recent months have included top-rated tech. The recently launched Facebook Smart Glasses, which allow wearers to capture photos or videos of what they can see, are finding favor, as are portable phone projectors and single-use emergency phone chargers.

Augmented Reality Puzzles

Perfect for kids and adults alike, augmented reality puzzles are a big hit in California right now, and there are likely to be a lot of children finding these innovative entertainments under the tree this Christmas! Augmented reality toys such as puzzle cubes are strong sellers in the gifting market: these typically feature a physical cube with different colored circles on its surfaces, and an accompanying app to download onto a cell phone or tablet. These two elements are then used in conjunction to find the solution, with new combinations unlocked once the puzzle is cracked. Step-by-step tutorials are included with the app that demonstrates how to solve each of the puzzles, too.

Stylish Sunglasses

This one’s a no-brainer: in the state where the sun is (nearly always) shining, and with beach sports enduringly popular, a stylish pair of shades is always going to be a gift that’ll be appreciated by any Californian. Choose the best style for your friend or loved one by thinking carefully about the type of clothes they like to wear, including the cut, color, and design. Try to select sunglasses that match their style as well as their personality, and think about sunglasses or regular specs that you’ve seen them wear before to get an idea of the shape of the frame that they like and that best suits their face.

When choosing shades, be sure to check that the pair you’re considering has quality UV protection.

Traffic Blues Busting Audiobooks

No doubt making the list due to California’s famous killer traffic jams that can add hours to the simplest journey, the gift of an audiobook can make a snarl-up slightly more bearable. There are endless options, from bestsellers to classic titles to self-help books to history guides. Opt for a title or two and help your friend keep it together in traffic.

Knitwear. Really?!

In Southern California, if the temperature drops below sixty-five degrees, people feel the cold and start layering up. So if you’re a resident of California and this happens for a spell and your birthday happens to come around, there’s a higher than average chance that you’re going to be gifted at least one piece of cozy knitwear. If the ‘cold snap’ continues, then there will probably be gloves and thermal leggings coming your way, too.

California Gifting

The most popular gifts that folk choose to shop for in California represent the wonderfully diverse nature of the people and communities in the state. And if you’re still having trouble choosing something for the Californian in your life, then flip-flops, sportswear, or luxury sun cream will never be underappreciated!

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