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Two creatures Sing sweetly to each other, Swap a series of trills, cheaps and chirps. If you close your eyes and listen, you may think you can hear two birds. But you will be wrong.In fact, this is a pair of vocal repertoire Alston’s Singing Mouse (((Scotinomys teguina), A small rodent that is found in the cloud forests of Central America and communicates by passionately singing to its peers.

Since their sounds are almost out of our audible range, researchers have revealed their sweet symphonies by recording their vocalizations at frequencies that we can hear. But their elusive call also overturns the commonly thought assumption: songbirds are the only non-human singing animals. In fact, more animals are singing to each other than expected. So which species does it? And do they sing just to find their companions and mark their territory?

Which animals sing? | Live Science Source link Which animals sing? | Live Science

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