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Disneyland, Universal, and other California theme parks allowed to reopen under revised state guidelines will be fully populated with rides and attractions until late April or May due to previously scheduled special events. It may not be possible to resume business.

California theme parks Reopened on April 1st Subject to the county in which you live reach the red / substantial Tier 2 risk status of Governor Gavin Newsom’s updated blueprint for a safer economy.

Many California theme parks have been partially reopened, with limited-time food festivals and special events that could impact the return to full operation. Most theme parks in the state do not have dates to reopen on vehicles or attractions.

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When California theme parks reopen depends on a number of factors, including recruitment, training, revenue expectations, and special events in progress.

Some California theme parks may find it more economically feasible to temporarily continue to operate in a special event mode than to follow revised amusement park guidelines. The workforce is one of the biggest costs for theme parks, and it may make sense to run without rides or entertainment, with the number of participants remaining low. It is expected that California theme parks will take two to four weeks to hire and train new and returning employees.

The park may not cancel a special event given the amount of plans involved and the disappointment it causes fans. Some parks may choose to operate as theme parks on one day and under looser special event guidelines for a limited time on other days. Another option: Blend vehicles during special events until the park is fully operational.

The most likely option is to return with limited capacity when the event is over.

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When is the event?

Disney and Universal have announced a food fest that hasn’t started yet. Disney touch It will be held at Disney California Adventure on certain days from March 18th to April 19th.The· Universal taste It runs on certain days from March 12th to April 4th at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Knott’s berry farm, Seaworld San Diego, Legoland California And Six Flags Discovery Kingdom All have limited-time events that run on specific days until May 2.

The· Cruis’n the Park Car Show Six Flags Magic Mountain runs from the weekend to March 14th.

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When will the park reopen?

Magic Mountain could be the first California theme park to fully reopen on April 1st. The drive-through auto show at Valencia Park ends two weeks in advance.

Disneyland may reopen on April 1 after remaining closed for over a year.

Disney California Adventure may return to full operation sooner on April 20th, or April 6th when A Touch of Disney is dark. It’s no surprise that Disney waited for both Anaheim theme parks to reopen until late April or early May. Disney moved cautiously last summer and reopened four Florida parks after its rivals.

Universal Studios Hollywood may reopen on April 5th after the Taste of Universal ends. However, the park may reopen on April 1st, when the event is dark. Universal is moving quickly to reopen in Florida last summer and is expected to do the same in California.

Nuts, Seaworld, Legoland and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom may all reopen on May 3rd after the event is over. However, Discovery Kingdom (April 5th), Sea World (April 6th), Nuts (April 12th) and Legoland (April 12th) could all resume on a dark day.

When will Disneyland and other California theme parks reopen? – Daily News Source link When will Disneyland and other California theme parks reopen? – Daily News

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